Here's how 29 cute Canadian pets dressed up for Halloween 2023

Some sweet and not-so-spooky costumes from cats, dogs, a bunny — and even a bearded dragon.

Some sweet and not-so-spooky costumes from cats, dogs, a bunny — and even a bearded dragon

2 images side by side. Left: three dogs sitting down, dressed for Halloween as Robin, Batman and Wonder Woman. Right: A cat in an octopus costume.
(Source, left: Instagram/@jaxson_thegolden; right: Instagram/@jake.the.bengal)

One of the best parts of Halloween is seeing photos of pets in costumes. If you share this sentiment, we've compiled a list of some of Canada's cutest pets all dressed up. Below, 29 animals on Instagram dressed as charming skeletons, sweet sorcerers, and sporting many other adorable ensembles. Scroll down to see how these furry friends celebrated.

Grace dressed up as a darling dinosaur. 

Felix went as a very sweet vampire and Oscar was a purrfect Prince Charming. 

Arson the pup channeled Chucky in his spooky look.

Mirabeau donned a dragon disguise. 

Cowboy and his human were Hailey and Justin Bieber, one of the biggest pop culture costumes of the year. 

Miko cast cuteness spells as a sweet little sorcerer. 

Winston rolled into Halloween as the cutest John Deere tractor driver. 

Dandelion the bearded dragon made some magic as a witch.

JB donned a Jack the Skeleton costume that matches his hair. 

Atchoum was devilishly handsome for Halloween. 

We'd definitely give Timbit employee of the month for this great getup. 

Sawyer, Jaxson, and Sadie transformed into the most adorable Justice League we've ever seen. 

Sabrina looked cosy and cute in her homemade bunny suit. 

Jake dressed up as an octo-pussycat.

Cedric and his sister Maya were Winnie the Pooh, and Tigger too! 

Wilbur and Waffles are about to cause a Beatlemania revival.

Henry and Cody were more spooked than spooky.

Bear and Momo teamed up as a charming chef and hot dog duo. 

Clarice went as a super-cute queen bee. 

Luffy and Kiki suited up in Canadian hockey team uniforms.

Chubs made for a lovely little loaf.

And this pretty pup named Nori donned a fairy costume for the occasion.   

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