How to style a colourful thrifted holiday tablescape

Candlemaker Veronica Gutierrez shares how she assembled this fun and festive scene.

Candlemaker Veronica Gutierrez shares how she assembled this fun and festive scene

How to style a colourful thrifted holiday tablescape

4 months ago
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Candlemaker Veronica Gutierrez shares how she assembled this fun and festive scene

This holiday season, I was inspired to style a fun and festive tablescape for dinner parties — that was also budget-friendly. With this in mind, most of the items I used to create this look are thrifted, such as the candleholders, silk ribbons and ornaments, while the rest are pieces I've collected over time.

While thrifting, I suggest looking for unique vintage finds in gold or silver to add some shine. You can also seek out items that will provide some texture, like the sequin ornament I incorporated, and colourful patterns, such as the smiley-face napkins I used. 

The key to bringing it all together is to establish a colour scheme. Though my tablescape is definitely holiday-themed, I knew I wanted to stay away from a typical red and green palette, so I also worked in pinks, blues, purples and oranges. Even the florals are on theme! 

To style the tablescape, I started by laying out a simple white tablecloth and covering it with white parchment paper. I then set out some white plates (but go with colourful ones if you like — the more designs, textures and unique elements, the better).

Next, I tied colourful bows to the cutlery to create dimension; silk ribbons are having a major moment in fashion. I also added a mini nutcracker, which reminds me of the classic holiday ballet and helps convey the delicate, ballet-core aesthetic I was going for.

After laying out my vintage finds, I did a quick DIY, hand-painting some Christmas trees on a light pink taper using red acrylic paint. I absolutely love painting candles, and it's a great way to incorporate even more colour into the tablescape. 

Lastly — and this is the fun part — I used crayons to write some quotes from favourite holiday movies and songs all over the white parchment paper. If you decide to do the same, consider leaving extra crayons around the table so your guests can doodle too!

A table set for a dinner party with colourful candles, Christmas ornaments, napkins and dishes.
(Photography by Veronica Gutierrez)


Veronica Gutierrez is the CEO and creative director of This Candle Is Lit, a creative candle studio located in Toronto. She began her journey by creating candles for her son's first birthday and is now working with brands to create unique pieces just for them! She also has her own line of candles and runs monthly candle workshops in the city. You can find her at and @thiscandle.islit.

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