31 appetizers to mix and match for your NYE bash

Small bites, dips, spreads and special finger foods that are so right for a celebratory night.

Small bites, dips, spreads and special finger foods that are so right for a celebratory night

3 images side by side. left: a hand dipping a cracker into a bowl of dip. middle: overhead shot of broiled oysters in their shell. right: overhead shot of prosciutto-wrapped dates on a blue platter.
(Photo, left to right: Dhivya Subramanian, Laura Murray, CBC Life)

After a season of dinner parties and big feasts, what's better than a meal of all appetizers? There's something decidedly glamorous about an assortment of small bites that your guests can enjoy all evening. You don't even have to make them all yourself — you can invite people to bring their own and take some of the pressure off. A smaller selection of these favourite party foods is befitting for a chill night at home, too. 

Below, we've got seafood snacks, dips galore, crave-worthy crostinis and so much more. Scroll through the list, bookmark your standouts and cheers to a very happy new year!

Harissa Cottage Cheese Dip with Aleppo Pepper Hot Honey

A round wooden platter with grapes, mini cucumbers, crackers, grape tomatoes and a white bowl filled with a creamy dip.
(Photography by Dhivya Subramanian)

Devils On Horseback

Overhead shot of a blue platter with prosciutto-covered dates.

Honey Roasted Pear & Ricotta Crostini

Overhead shot of sliced baguette topped with slices of pear and ricotta. The bread is on a pink tray and some are on a green plate, all sitting on a white marble countertop.

Broiler-Popped Oysters with Tomato Butter 

Overhead shot of oysters with tomato butter on a white surface.
(Photography by Laura Murray)

Chunky Halloumi Chips

A serving platter of deep-fried sticks of halloumi cheese topped with sour cream, fresh mint and pomegranate seeds.
(Credit: Danny Rohrer)

Chicken Liver Mousse

closeup on chicken liver mousse on a slice of baguette on a wooden cutting board. a silver knife is leaning on the slice, cherry tomatoes and a jar of the mousse are in the background.
(Photography by Peter Chou)

Delhi Papri Chaat

Overhead shot of many papri chaat on a black background.
(Photo credit: Martin Poole)

Cauliflower Spread

Overhead shot of a plate of cauliflower spread, garnished with pomegranate arils.
(Photography by Betty Binon)

Cranberry Chutney and Brie Crostini

Top view of 12 sliced pieces of crostini, topped with cranberry chutney, brie and chopped pistachios on a circular wooden serving board.
(Photography by Dhivya Subramanian (@maplechutney))

Cauliflower Fritters

An overhead shot of a white plate with three cauliflower fritters and some green sauce on it. A whole roasted cauliflower is sitting next to it.
(Photography by Betty Binon)

Deviled Egg Dip

Closeup on a bowl of light yellow dip with orange trout roe on top. The bowl is sitting on a platter with Ritz crackers next to it. Behind it, a person wearing a lime green dress scoops into the dip with a cracker.
(Photography by Laura Murray)

Tomato Tonnato

overhead shot of 2 blue and white plates with slices of tomatoes on them, topped with a creamy sauce, breadcrumbs, fried capers and fresh dill. They're on a grey table and a green wine bottle is pouring white wine into a yellow glass beside the plates.
(Photography by Dominique Lafond)

Judy's Empanadas

a hand holding an empanada that has just been stuffed. bowls of cheese, boiled eggs and olives sit in the background.
(Photography by Jenny Huang)

Baked Lobster Dip

Baked lobster dip in a blue serving dish with slices of baguette next to the dip.

Baked Broccoli Stem Dip

An overhead shot of a spread of dishes on a white table, featuring a dish of baked broccoli dip, crackers, breads and vegetables.
(Photography by Leila Ashtari)

Gruyere and Emmental Fondue

A wooden cutting board with vegetables and a red bowl of cheese fondue.

Oysters & Mignonette, 2 Ways

Oysters on a platter of ice next to 2 small bowls of Mignonette for dipping.
(Submitted by Chuck Hughes)

Vegetarian Ukoy 

Vegetarian Ukoy (Fritters) and a clear bowl of Chile-Vinegar Dipping Sauce with 2 yellow chiles in it, sitting on a white platter.
(Photography by Wyatt Conlon)

Nadia's Lamb Ribs

A white platter with lamb ribs.
(Credit: Danny Rohrer)

Ye Misir Sambusa (Ethiopian Lentil Samosa) 

a wooden bowl of lentil samosas on a grey table.
(Photography by DL Acken)

Mast-o Khiar

Yogurt dip garnished with pistachios, mint leaves and dried rose petals, in a blue bowl. The bowl is on a white platter on a pink napkin, on a white tabletop. Torn pieces of pita and a bowl of chips sit beside the dip.

Guacamole with Grilled Jalapeños

A bowl of guacamole on a wooden cutting board with tortilla chips on it. Grilled jalapeños, sliced lime and avocado sit next to it.
(Photo: David Bagosy, Styling: Melissa Direnzo)

Vegan Vibes with Cashew Ricotta Cheese

overhead shot of a wooden cutting board on a marble surface. the board is full of vegetables, crackers, breads, olives and vegan cheese.
(Photo: Lisa Dawn Bolton)

Weeknight Lemon Chicken Wings

Roasted chicken wings and lemon slices on a baking sheet covered in tin foil, sitting on a grey surface.
(Photography by Deb Perelman, styling by Barrett Washburne)


A serving plate stacked with cheese puffs made with choux pastry.


An overhead shot of a plate of pajeon on a bright blue background. A small bowl of sauce, a plate of kimchi and another plate of pajeon surround the main plate.
(Photography by Soo Kim)

Beef Empanadas

Large wooden bowl of empanadas.
(Courtesy of El Bosco Catering)

Brown Butter Sage Pie Crust Crackers, Black Sesame Pinwheels & Bacon Piesticks

Overhead shot of 3 treats made from leftover pie dough: black sesame pinwheels, crackers and bacon pie sticks.

Classic Garlic Snails, Snails with Blue Cheese & White Wine and Snails with Chorizo & Mozzarella

Overhead shot of 3 pieces of toast with escargot on them on a wooden cutting board.
(Photography by Marilou & Alexandre Champagne)

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