Pitch a story to CBC Life

We're always looking for new voices and new ideas. Here's how to pitch your stories to us.

We're always looking for new voices and new ideas. Here's how to pitch your stories to us.

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From life's little projects to its big questions, CBC Life offers Canadians inspired ideas and conversations that help them live better, including things to eat, make, do, wear, buy and ponder. The main pillars of the vertical are food, culture, style, home, wellness, personal finance, pets, and travel.

Please pitch

We're looking for pitches in the following areas and format categories.

Articles + sourced images, including:

  • researched/expert-supported analysis of culture, wellness, finance and regional topics
  • timely style, tech, decor, beauty, pet and travel service or trend pieces
  • Q&As

Articles + sourced or original images (as required), including:

  • interviews, profiles of people and places (transcripts required)
  • think pieces and zeitgeist explorations

Instructionals + original images, including:

  • recipes
  • how-to's and DIYs
  • photo essays
  • original art/printables (stencils, digital cards, wall decals, etc.)

We are open to reviewing special projects not listed here that would be a uniquely good fit for CBC Life and in some cases, can entertain larger proposals for special projects.

Pitch guidelines

We appreciate you taking the time to review the CBC Life site to familiarize yourself with our content. Please pitch your idea as follows:

1. Include a proposed headline and dek for each pitch.

2. Add a brief summary of the piece including the angle and all that apply: count (tips, products, etc.), the sources you intend to quote (if linking to studies, please link to the original), any third party details such as PR or brand connections.

3. Please include a proposed delivery date presuming the pitch will be approved within 3 days of proposal.