SCTV cast play baseball in Edmonton in newly-surfaced video

John Candy, Catherine O'Hara, Rick Moranis, Eugene Levy and Dave Thomas -- they are Canadian comedy icons. And a newly-found video shows they weren't really great ball players.

Video shot during cast versus crew game in Edmonton park

Rick Moranis "interviews" Dave Thomas in the 1982 video. (Youtube)

They may be Canadian comedy legends, but a newly-surfaced video shows the cast of SCTV didn't have the greatest baseball skills. 

The eight-minute video shows cast members — including Rick Moranis, John Candy, Eugene Levy, Catherine O'Hara, Joe Flaherty and Dave Thomas — squaring off against the SCTV crew in a game in an Edmonton park in 1982.

The video was shot by Candy's wife, Rose. 

"My father just kind of told her to start filming one day when they were at the baseball park in Edmonton," their son Chris Candy told Edmonton AM Wednesday.

Listen to the full interview with Chris and Jennifer Candy

Two seasons of the show were produced in Edmonton.

With Moranis and others narrating in the style of 1970s sports reporters, the video follows the injuries, camaraderie and eventual late-inning collapse of the "Melonville Mexicans."

Chris said the Super 8 video, shot in Pleasantview Park, was included as a DVD extra on one of the show's seasons. It was largely forgotten until it was uploaded by a viewer to an SCTV fan page.

Another Candy kid, Jennifer, was actually in the video as a toddler. She remembers seeing the footage in her mother's kitchen when she was younger.

"You re-find things as time goes on," she said.

"It's always a pleasant surprise to see stuff like that. It's kind of a blast from the past."

Jennifer Candy said it brought back memories of growing up among some of Canada's best-known comedians.

"We had an amazing kind of extended family. That was the group we grew up with," she said.

"We didn't really know what we were in until we were older, and we could look back and go 'wow.'"

Jennifer Candy still keeps in touch with this extended family. She hosts a show called Couch Candy for The Second City in Los Angeles, where she often interviews SCTV alumni about working in comedy.

"I'm kind of planning, seeing where I can put some of this footage into my next show."

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