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Patio permit fees, cuts to arts and sports groups on list as Edmonton looks to trim budget

Edmonton city managers say they’ve found $45 million in savings so far, which is about 75 per cent of council’s goal to find $60 million over four years. But the city also needs to find $240 million to re-allocate toward housing, climate change, public transit and core services.
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Changes could be coming to sexual health education in Alberta. Here's what we know

Premier Danielle Smith's plan to make lessons on sexual health, and sexual orientation and gender identity opt-in would make Alberta the first Canadian province to assume students are excluded from sex education by default.



How Canada’s car theft crisis is playing out in Edmonton

More than 4,700 vehicles were reported stolen to Edmonton police last year. They’re being taken by organized criminals who then are shipping vehicles overseas for profit. Edmonton police Deputy Chief Devin Laforce spoke to CBC’s Mark Connolly about auto theft in the city, and what can be done to prevent it.



Artist brings traditional Samoan tattoos to Edmonton area

Falefitu Ausanetaliitama Taefu is sharing the art of Samoan tattooing at his newly opened tattoo studio in St. Albert, Alta. Each tattoo is hand-tapped into the skin, designed to fit the body and tell the client's story. The tradition dates back thousands of years and is one that Taefu has been studying since he was eight.

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