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CBC News Explore is a free channel that streams 24 hours a day on several CBC destinations and selected smart TVs. Go beyond the headlines to explore and experience the news with our journalists and hosts like Andrew Chang and Johanna Wagstaffe.

CBC News Explore is available on several CBC destinations and smart TVs, such as Roku and Samsung TV Plus

CBC News Explore

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CBC News Explore takes you beyond the headlines to explain and experience the news with our journalists in Canada and the world.

CBC News Explore is a free channel that streams original news-focused shows, along with the best news, current affairs, and documentary videos by CBC journalists across the country and the world.

Take a step back from the fast pace of breaking news as we take a deeper dive into the topics that affect you and connect you to Canadians making a difference.

You can watch this channel live, 24 hours a day over the internet on:

  • Selected smart TVs: Roku TV in Canada and the U.S. if you have a Roku streaming device or Roku powered smart TV. Go to the Roku Channel app and click into the Live TV Channel Guide. Find us at channel 105 in Canada. On Samsung TV Plus you can watch CBC News Explore in both Canada and the U.S. Go to the channel guide and look for us under the News section. In Canada, the we are channel 1043. We're also on the Tubi streaming app in the U.S.
  • CBC Gem: Go to the Gem app on your smart TV or directly to the CBC Gem website. You will find CBC News Explore on the front page under the "Live TV" section.
  • CBC News website.
  • CBC News App.

If you're wondering what's on the channel, most smart TV apps have a program guide built in where you can browse all of the shows and times. We have also published a program guide for CBC News Explore on our website. Please follow this link to view our program guide.

This is what the channel logo looks like when you're looking for us on your smart TV:

The name of the streaming channel, CBC News Explore, in white text on a blue background.
CBC News Explore is a free channel that streams 24 hours a day on several CBC destinations and selected smart TVs. (CBC)

Here are some of the shows you'll be able to watch exclusively on CBC News Explore:

About That

Host Andrew Chang finds the awesome in daily news by expanding our understanding of the stories everybody's talking about. We dig deep with a clear focus, a sense of wonder and will geek out, laugh, and admit when we don't get it.

About That streams live on CBC News Explore every weekday at 11 a.m. ET, and repeats on the channel weekdays at 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. ET. You can also watch episodes on CBC Gem any time.

Grocery competition in Canada, Shein controversy, Is Berberine 'nature's Ozempic?'

12 months ago
Duration 21:33
June 28, 2023 | Andrew Chang breaks down why the competition watchdog thinks the big grocery chains are driving up prices. Then, why influencers are under fire for a Shein brand trip. Plus, caution about calling berberine 'nature's Ozempic.'

This Week in Canada

This Week in Canada takes you on a journey through Canada to see how the news is playing out in the heart of local communities. Meet people with common struggles and those making a difference.

Episodes of This Week in Canada stream on the CBC News Explore channel all week long. You can also watch episodes of This Week in Canada free on CBC Gem any time.

This week in Canada | Episode 15 | Solutions to family doctor shortage, Vancouver’s decampment one month later

1 year ago
Duration 25:23
May. 24, 2023 | What’s being done to solve the family doctor shortage? Plus — revisiting a controversial decampment site in Vancouver, one month later.

Planet Wonder

Host Johanna Wagstaffe explores surprising climate questions, taking us on a journey of discovery through science. Planet Wonder introduces us to the smart people seeking solutions to climate change, connecting different perspectives as we wander through forests, across oceans, up mountains and into laboratories.

Episodes of Planet Wonder stream on the CBC News Explore channel all week long. You can also watch episodes of Planet Wonder free on CBC Gem, any time.

How vegan do we have to be to save the planet?

11 months ago
Duration 19:25
July 27, 2023 Johanna bites into the climate crunch created by the human food chain. From farm to fork, petri dish to plate, she seeks sustainability in what we eat. Plus, pepperoni and ice cream, together.

It Changed Everything

Ian Hanomansing introduces you to some of the world's most successful people and reveals the moments, decisions, and secrets that helped them break through in this series of interviews.

A new episode of It Changed Everything comes out every two weeks on CBC News Explore and interviews play on the channel throughout the week. You can also watch the interviews any time on CBC Gem, any time.

Jay Baruchel survived Hollywood and a complicated childhood

1 year ago
Duration 15:00
Actor and director Jay Baruchel talks about leaving for Hollywood at 18 and why he’s back and focused on getting great Canadian stories on the big screen.

Some core CBC News programs are also available on the Explore streaming channel:

The National is the CBC's flagship national newscast, with news reports and investigations from across Canada and around the world. You can watch The National live on CBC News Explore Sunday through Friday, starting at 9 pm. ET. The show repeats live on the channel through the evening. If you like catching up on news in the morning, The National replays until 11 a.m. ET.

The Fifth Estate is a weekly documentary program where CBC investigative reporters dig deep to expose bad actors in all corners of Canada and hold them to account. The Fifth Estate has won several awards, including the Michener Award, International Emmys and an Academy Award in 1983. Episodes of The Fifth Estate play on CBC News Explore Monday, Wednesday and weekends.

Marketplace is a team of investigative journalists that tests products and services Canadians use every day to hold companies and governments to account. Episodes of Marketplace play on CBC News Explore Tuesdays, Thursdays and weekends.

And there's much more to the channel than those great shows. You will find a selection of in-depth stories, short documentaries and investigations from CBC newsrooms across the country playing on the channel throughout the day.