Murray Brewster

Senior reporter, defence and security

Murray Brewster is senior defence writer for CBC News, based in Ottawa. He has covered the Canadian military and foreign policy from Parliament Hill for over a decade. Among other assignments, he spent a total of 15 months on the ground covering the Afghan war for The Canadian Press. Prior to that, he covered defence issues and politics for CP in Nova Scotia for 11 years and was bureau chief for Standard Broadcast News in Ottawa.

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Canada set to help bankroll massive ammunition shipments to Ukraine: sources

Canada has signalled it’s prepared to get behind a Czech Republic initiative to ship tens of thousands of artillery shells from different countries to Ukraine on an urgent basis.

As allies scramble to supply Ukraine, Canada still has no deal to ramp up munitions production

More than a year and a half after receiving proposals to ramp production of artillery shells, the Canadian government is still debating whether to make investments in plants in Quebec and Ontario. Defence Minister Bill Blair says he's had discussions but has not signed any deals.

Canada to acquire Swedish-made anti-aircraft system to protect troops in Latvia

Canadian troops in Latvia will soon be protected by a $227 million Swedish-designed short-range anti-aircraft system, Defence Minister Bill Blair announced Thursday in Brussels as NATO allies met to assess both the war in Ukraine and perceived threatening moves by Russia.

Canada chips in another $60M for Ukrainian F-16 training as U.S. aid remains gridlocked

Canada is cutting another cheque for up to $60 million to help train Ukrainian pilots to fly the F-16, Defence Minister Bill Blair announced Wednesday as allies gathered in Brussels ahead of this week’s NATO ministerial meeting.

Trump's NATO comments aren't cause for panic — but they should be taken seriously, experts warn

There was a "keep calm and carry on" atmosphere outside the House of Commons on Monday as a political storm blew up over Donald Trump's threat to encourage Russia “to do whatever the hell they want” to NATO members he thinks aren't paying their fair share of the cost of collective defence.

The political tides of war are shifting — and may be taking Ukraine with them

We have been warned — over and over again lately — that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is an inflection point in history. And while the soaring political rhetoric may have sounded good over the last few years, it's very likely that this week, we truly arrived at that turning point.

Conservatives call on Canada to donate rockets to Ukraine — but not all are battle-ready

The federal Conservatives are demanding that the Liberal government donate to Ukraine tens of thousands of surplus air-to-ground rockets that are slated for disposal. But the weapons may not be ready for the field.

Military was warned some Cyclone helicopter blades are defective, could rip apart in flight

Air force technicians are being forced to perform more frequent inspections of Canada's trouble-prone CH-148 Cyclone helicopters after the U.S. manufacturer found a defect related to the main rotor blades, says an internal report.

As Europe's armies brace for war, allies call on Canada and others to catch up

Across Europe, military leaders are warning that the security climate on the continent has changed radically — and a wider land war is now a possibility. Are European leaders listening? What about Canada?

Estimated life-cycle cost of military's Cyclone choppers rises to $15.9B

The Department of National Defence (DND) has revised its estimate of the lifetime cost of owning and operating the air force’s CH-148 Cyclones to $15.9 billion — slightly more than a billion dollars higher than its previous estimate.