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Malone Mullin is a reporter in St. John's who previously worked in Vancouver and Toronto. News tip? Reach her at

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The Grind

She's a grad student juggling 3 jobs. Canada's cost of living may force her to move elsewhere

Shramana Sarkar spends a good chunk of time serving coffee, and far less time than she'd like on her master's degree. But precarious workers like Sarkar have little choice but to juggle intense schedules so they can afford the basics.
The Grind

This grandmother works gruelling 70-hour weeks just to pay the bills. And she's not alone

Kelly Young is among a growing population of Canadians who work multiple jobs to pay for life's essentials, as the rising cost of food, fuel and shelter squeezes their budgets to a breaking point.
The Grind

These people are working themselves to the bone. Are you?

They're moonlighting as servers, juggling three jobs at once, putting in 70-hour weeks. They're doing it all, just to pay for the basics. This is The Grind, a snapshot of working life in an era of ever-rising prices. Find out how you can be involved.

Newfoundlanders with ties to Middle East look to Israel-Palestine conflict in horror

Members of the Jewish and Palestinian communities in Newfoundland are reeling from ongoing news from the Middle East, as conflict and bloodshed continues in the region.

Lorraine Obed pleads guilty to manslaughter in 2021 St. John's stabbing

Lorraine Obed has pleaded guilty to manslaughter for the 2021 slaying of 49-year-old James Corcoran. The 30-year-old had elected trial by jury to contest her second-degree murder charge but changed her plea last week, agreeing to accept the lesser charge.

A single storm left this Newfoundland town in ruins. A year later, it's still battling fear, dread and unease

A year ago, the strongest storm to ever make landfall in Atlantic Canada ripped through the former fishing village of Port aux Basques, N.L., causing mass displacement and taking one life. Today, the town is still recovering — and may never be the same.

They were displaced en masse. A year on from the storm, Fiona's victims are still living in limbo

Hundreds of people who lost their homes are still waiting to see what the future holds as government assessments drag on, one year after a historic storm pummeled the Newfoundland coast.

Insurance companies refused to pay a dime to Fiona's victims in N.L., but there's a solution on the horizon

Insurance companies refused to pay for more than 100 properties in Port aux Basques and surrounding communities that were destroyed by Fiona. A year after the disaster, a new federal program may help future victims.

This N.L. man spent 20 years addicted to opiates — and says forced treatment laws would have killed him

As grieving families ask the provincial government to pass laws that would allow them to treat their loved ones' addictions without consent, one Labrador City man says the policy would do more harm than good.

This St. John's pub led a harm reduction blitz in the wake of overdose deaths

A St. John's pub has spearheaded a harm reduction crusade in response to a spike in overdose deaths in recent weeks, and its owners say businesses across the downtown core have enthusiastically signed on.