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Want to remake the worst movie ever made? Plan 709 from Outer Space is calling

A notoriously awful science fiction film from classic Hollywood director Ed Wood is now the subject of a new challenge from the organizers behind the Nickel Independent Film Festival.

How did police miss Brian Lush's body? Human error — or policy gaps — may have played a role

Brian Lush was missing for two weeks. Ontario police say they looked everywhere — but his remains were found in the back of his own truck. Here's how that might have happened.

Bronze shoes brought to St. John's to mark beginning of Irish famine heritage trail

The start of an international trail of Irish famine victims begins in St. John's this week, a reflection of what the country's ambassador calls the strength of the Irish diaspora in Newfoundland and Labrador.

St. John's tent city sweep pushed homelessness 'back into the shadows,' advocate says

An organizer with the tent encampment dismantled at Colonial Building in St. John's last week says the provincial government cleared out at least 20 people without offering them secure places to live — and didn't accomplish much more than pushing housing affordability back into the shadows.

Parents are giving up their jobs as hundreds remain stuck on daycare waitlists in N.L.

Hundreds of families in need of child care in Newfoundland and Labrador are on at least one waitlist, according to a Department of Education survey — and it's forcing some mothers to give up their beloved careers.

Missing trucker's body found in rig in N.L., after remains missed during Ontario police search

The remains of a Newfoundland trucker who went missing in Ontario two weeks ago were found in the back of his truck's trailer in his home province, even though his rig was a key piece of evidence in the search and the place where he was last seen.

WestJet's St. John's-to-London route goes live — sparking anger over affordable air travel within N.L.

Newfoundland and Labrador is connected once more to Europe with a direct flight to the United Kingdom this summer, but government subsidies of the St. John's-to-London route has one Labrador MHA demanding closer attention to the high cost of travel within the province.

As ride-hailing apps move in, can St. John's avoid 'Uber remorse'?

Taxi companies are bracing for a rapidly changing industry as ride-hailing companies prepare to set up shop in Newfoundland and Labrador, but experts disagree on the level of threat apps like Uber pose to the old guard.

Is Uber really cheaper than a St. John's cab? The answer might surprise you

CBC News took a few Uber rides around the city this week to compare experiences with taxis, and find out whether all the hype is warranted — and whether the ride-hailing app is really as affordable as it's made out to be.

MUN faculty pushing back against vote to hire private headhunting firm in search of school's next president

Memorial University faculty are questioning the university's choice to hire a private headhunting firm to find the school's next president, saying the choice to outsource the hiring process offers little value to the institution.