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Based in Toronto, Aloysius Wong is a journalist with the CBC News investigative unit. He has previously worked for CBC Radio's As It Happens, the CBC News business unit and CBC Montreal. You can reach him at

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Suicide is a leading cause of death for young people, but most universities don't track it

A CBC News survey of 52 universities across Canada reveals that most do not track suicides among their students, internally or publicly. According to students and experts, not having that information only contributes to the stigma around suicide and mental health on campuses.

Some blame outsiders for spread of pro-Palestinian encampments. The idea isn't new, say students and experts

As pro-Palestinian protests continue to grow across Canadian campuses, CBC News looks at what student organizers and observers have to say about claims that the protests are being funded or influenced by outside forces.
CBC Investigates

Just a few big landlords come up, again and again, in analysis of Ontario rent hikes

Newly released data analyzed by CBC News shows that fewer than two dozen corporate landlords filed most of the applications to raise rents above provincial guidelines for most of 2022 — which one Toronto housing lawyer says is a sign of the increasing concentration in the province's rental market.
CBC Investigates

National Indigenous women's organization accused of union-busting as it lays off dozens of staff

The most prominent Indigenous women’s organization in Canada is undergoing a federal financial audit where preliminary evidence of “ineligible expenses” was found, while facing union-busting allegations following a mass round of layoffs, CBC News has learned.
CBC Investigates

Who is Yahya Sinwar, the Hamas political leader in Gaza?

Co-founder of the military wing of Hamas and its current leader in Gaza, Yahya Sinwar is considered to be the architect of the Oct. 7 attacks. But decades before his rise to power, he studied Hebrew while serving four life sentences in Israeli prisons.
CBC Investigates

Can't afford or not allowed AC in your apartment? You're not alone

A new survey of low- and middle-income tenants reveals how affordability and lease agreements create barriers to tenants securing adequate cooling to escape extreme indoor heat in the summer. Landlords say solving the problem is more complex than it may seem, requiring coordination with different civil bodies.

200 Montreal tenants have pledged to go on a rent strike this fall. Why more may join them

Quebec’s proposed Bill 31 would give landlords the power to block lease transfers. Meanwhile, average rents for new leases in Montreal are now almost $2,000. Now a tenants’ union is organizing a rent strike as an “emergency response.”

Metallica fan returns to Montreal 20 years after belligerent interaction with drummer Lars Ulrich

Ryan Furlotte drove from Bridgewater, N.S., to Montreal see Metallica — 20 years after he heckled the heavy metal band to play Dyers Eve live. Now almost 40 and back to see the band one more time, he's hoping for a chance to apologize and set the record straight with drummer Lars Ulrich.

Meet the artist who turned Montreal into an open-air gallery with over 200 sculptures

Glen LeMesurier began working on his Twilight Sculpture Garden in 1999 when it was an empty lot. Since then, he has filled it with 80 sculptures and a field of sweet clover. But with the physical and financial toll of metalworking catching up with him, the artist is now asking for the public's help.

From festivals to fireworks, some scenes from this weekend in Montreal

From the inaugural weekend of the REM to the final day of the Just for Laughs festival, here are some of the best scenes from the city this weekend.