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Hallmark's first gay Christmas movie is here — and George Krissa is overjoyed to be a part of it

The actor sat down with Peter Knegt to talk about his role in landmark movie The Holiday Sitter, which co-stars Jonathan Bennett.

The actor sat down with Peter Knegt to talk about his role in landmark movie The Holiday Sitter

Actor George Krissa is sitting on a couch on the set of Here & Queer.
George Krissa on the set of Here & Queer. (CBC Arts)

Here & Queer is an interview series hosted by Peter Knegt that celebrates and amplifies the work of LGBTQ artists though unfiltered conversations.

Saskatchewan-born actor George Krissa is helping make the yuletide a little extra gay this year.

He's one of the stars of the new Hallmark Channel movie The Holiday Sitter, which marks the first time ever that the network has had a same-sex couple at the centre of one of their films. Krissa stars alongside Mean Girls alum Jonathan Bennett in the movie, which follows Sam (Bennett), a workaholic who gets overwhelmed taking care of his sister's kids over Christmas — until Krissa's hearthrob neighbour Jason pops by. 

Krissa also popped by the set of our video interview series Here & Queer to talk about being a part of Hallmark's historic first foray into saying gay. You can watch the interview here: 

Krissa made it clear that he had a wonderful time making the film, which they shot in Vancouver this summer (though he did note the set looking like it's Canada in December while it was 35 degrees outside was "very strange"). A big Christmas fan himself, he was honoured to be able to be part of the Hallmark movie tradition.

"[These movies are] so joyful and cheerful and they make you feel good," Krissa says. "And to get to be a part of what has been so special. I'll never forget when I first put on the Hallmark uniform — you know, the khakis and the plaid shirt and the cardigan. And I was like, 'Oh, my gosh, that's me. I'm the plaid shirt guy.'"

Actors George Krissa and Jonathan Bennett stand in front of a Christmas tree in a cene from the Hallmark movie The Holiday Sitter.
George Krissa (left) and Jonathan Bennett in The Holiday Sitter. (© 2022 Hallmark Media/Photo by Craig Minielly)

Krissa thinks Hallmark has really proven that they're committed to featuring these stories.

"If you watch the Countdown to Christmas this year, there's LGBTQ folks all over the place," he says. "And what's really wonderful in what they're doing is that they're not making a big deal out of it."

"I would have loved to see this as a kid, to see everyone's accepted and that their families love them. And, it's really, really special to be part of it."

The Holiday Sitter airs Sunday, December 11th at 8pm on the Hallmark Channel in the U.S. and the W Network in Canada. It will be available to stream on each network after it airs.


Peter Knegt (he/him) is a writer, producer and host for CBC Arts. He writes the LGBTQ-culture column Queeries (winner of the Digital Publishing Award for best digital column in Canada) and hosts and produces the talk series Here & Queer. He's also spearheaded the launch and production of series Canada's a Drag, variety special Queer Pride Inside, and interactive projects Superqueeroes and The 2010s: The Decade Canadian Artists Stopped Saying Sorry. Collectively, these projects have won Knegt four Canadian Screen Awards. Beyond CBC, Knegt is also the filmmaker of numerous short films, the author of the book About Canada: Queer Rights and the host of the monthly film series Queer Cinema Club at Toronto's Paradise Theatre. You can follow him on Instagram and Twitter with the same obvious handle: @peterknegt.

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