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  • Duration 8:45

    With synthesizers and sensors, a musician turns the pulse of the life of plants into beautiful music

    (not applicable)11 months ago
  • Duration 7:37

    Tree Harps: This duo turns trees into gorgeous ephemeral instruments to record music in the forest

    CBC Arts12 months ago
  • Duration 2:46

    Poet Jennifer Alicia: 'To be the successor of legacy is also to be the inheritor of generational trauma'

    CBC Arts12 months ago
  • Duration 3:00

    Turning nothing into something: the history of the steel pan

    CBC Arts1 year ago
  • Duration 8:17

    A Polish folk festival became a lifeline for Ukrainians fleeing war — with help from Canadian musicians

    (not applicable)1 year ago
  • Duration 8:09

    How I realized I was trans by making terrible horror movies

    (not applicable)1 year ago
  • Duration 3:03

    All in Good Time: A guided ceremony of love, gratitude and release

    (not applicable)1 year ago
  • Duration 4:57

    Kahsenniyo performs a poem reckoning with the wounds of colonialism and breaking cycles of trauma

    CBC Arts2 years ago
  • Duration 5:33

    Watch artists carve and raise a Haida memorial pole in Prince Rupert

    CBC Arts2 years ago
  • Duration 5:24

    Singer-songwriter Desirée Dawson found the peace that she needed by moving into an RV

    CBC Arts2 years ago

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