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Amanda Cordner on saying goodbye to Sort Of and the "beautiful family" it gave her

With the award-winning show coming to an end, Cordner looks back on 3 seasons of playing iconic BFF 7ven.

With the award-winning show coming to an end, Cordner looks back on 3 seasons of playing iconic BFF 7ven

Amanda Cordner on the set of Here & Queer.
Amanda Cordner on the set of Here & Queer. (CBC Arts)

Here & Queer is an interview series hosted by Peter Knegt that celebrates and amplifies the work of LGBTQ artists through unfiltered conversations.

For the past 3 seasons, Amanda Cordner has stolen a piece of our heart (a 7th of it?) with her work on the groundbreaking CBC series Sort Of.  As 7ven — the closest and most trusted friend of the show's protagonist Sabi (Bilal Baig, who also co-created the show), Cordner has given us one of contemporary television's great BFFs. Though unfortunately, that is coming to an end: Sort Of will conclude its third and final season on December 8th.

A few weeks before the finale, Cordner stopped by the set of Here & Queer to talk about her time on Sort Of and what that experience meant to her. You can watch the entire episode below:

"Ideally, it'd be amazing if we could have a big group hug after we watch it all and cry in each other's arms," Cordner said of watching the final episode. "It was such a beautiful family that came together and developed over the course of these three years."

Cordner says that playing 7ven over those 3 years 

"I think every character adds a little evolution to my life," she says. "7ven is so free and uninhibited with her authenticity. Living out loud, encouraging others around 7ven to live out loud. And I think, of course, that's inspired me to look at the ways where I maybe keep myself smaller and speak out when the circumstance calls for it."

Performers Amanda Cordner and Bilal Baig in a scene from the TV series Sort Of.
Amanda Cordner (left) and Bilal Baig on Sort Of. (Jasper Savage)

The experience of Sort Of has also inspired so many viewers all around the world.

"What's amazing is how there's still stories that I am surprised by and touched by. And really, I sit there and I say to myself, wow, I cannot believe the effects of TV, what it could do to people and how it could change mindsets. Like even in my own family, people who are don't have queer friends in their lives at all, who know nothing about the community or what goes on, who have new perspective and connect with somebody in a way that they didn't even think was possible for even TV. And that gets me good, seeing its impact to this day, it warms my heart and slaps me around a little too, you know?"

Watch Amanda on all three wonderful seasons of Sort Of on CBC Gem.


Peter Knegt (he/him) is a writer, producer and host for CBC Arts. He writes the LGBTQ-culture column Queeries (winner of the Digital Publishing Award for best digital column in Canada) and hosts and produces the talk series Here & Queer. He's also spearheaded the launch and production of series Canada's a Drag, variety special Queer Pride Inside, and interactive projects Superqueeroes and The 2010s: The Decade Canadian Artists Stopped Saying Sorry. Collectively, these projects have won Knegt four Canadian Screen Awards. Beyond CBC, Knegt is also the filmmaker of numerous short films, the author of the book About Canada: Queer Rights and the host of the monthly film series Queer Cinema Club at Toronto's Paradise Theatre. You can follow him on Instagram and Twitter with the same obvious handle: @peterknegt.

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