Alexander Panetta

Alexander Panetta is a Washington-based correspondent for CBC News who has covered American politics and Canada-U.S. issues since 2013. He previously worked in Ottawa, Quebec City and internationally, reporting on politics, conflict, disaster and the Montreal Expos.

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Don't shut Line 5: Biden administration issues long-awaited position on Canada-U.S. pipeline

The Biden administration has weighed in for the first time on a major cross-border legal dispute that could shut down portions of Enbridge's Line 5 Canada-U.S. oil pipeline. It was contained in a nuanced legal filing, but its bottom line was that Line 5 should stay open.

Trump tries to unburden himself of abortion albatross

Abortion may be the biggest threat to Donald Trump’s political comeback. Like an albatross he personally helped set loose. Now he’s trying to wriggle from its clutches. Trump released his 2024 abortion policy that seeks to sidestep thorny questions.

After U.S. ultimatum, Israel immediately promises to open new aid routes into Gaza

Israel promised it will open new humanitarian aid routes into Gaza on Thursday, immediately after its most important international ally appeared to threaten it with an ultimatum.

New weapons for Ukraine: Has the U.S. Congress logjam finally broken?

It’s been a cold, brutal winter on a vital political front in Ukraine’s war of self-defence. There hasn’t been much good news lately from Washington. That may be changing. U.S. lawmakers are now predicting a vote on a multibillion-dollar weapons package that would arm Ukraine throughout the year.

Trump's historic trial starts this month. Here's what will happen

This is the month Donald Trump goes to trial. It's the first criminal trial in history for a U.S. president. What will happen in this New York hush-money case? Five legal experts weigh in on the timeline, the verdict and the potential sentence.

Canada is already preparing for Trump's potential tariff threats

Canada staged a large-scale diplomatic deployment this week in preparation for a U.S. presidential election that could be more consequential than usual. Looming over their Washington visit: Donald Trump's threat to impose worldwide tariffs.

TikTok crackdown passes U.S. House: What to know about today's vote

The U.S. Congress is inching toward a crackdown on the popular platform that could have far-reaching implications for social media in the country. Here's what's at stake after Wednesday's House of Representatives vote on TikTok. 

Biden's comeback blueprint: State of the union reveals re-election strategy

What we saw in Thursday's state of the union address was U.S. President Joe Biden's re-election strategy — a blueprint for a comeback, as he's down in the polls. It revealed four things about the campaign he intends to fight.

U.S. trade czar: Don't get 'too comfortable' North American trade pact will stay as is

Don't get too comfortable: that's the warning from U.S. President Joe Biden's top trade official as North American countries prepare to review the continental trade pact. The U.S. has started thinking about its future demands.

The GOP race is over. The question after Haley drops out: Will her voters move to Trump?

The evidence is now irrefutable for what's seemed obvious for weeks: Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee, after his near-sweep on Super Tuesday. Conceding to reality, his rival Nikki Haley has dropped out. What's less obvious: Will Haley's supporters return to the fold in numbers that will hand Trump victory?