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Biden gives Trudeau a chance to claw back control of the agenda

After several weeks of every available molecule of political oxygen being sucked up by a series of sensational claims about Chinese state interference in Canadian politics, Trudeau seemed to realize he needed to seize this moment himself.

International support force needed in Haiti, says UN human rights commissioner

The UN's top human rights official says some sort of support force is needed to help stabilize the situation in Haiti.

U.S. will counter foreign interference at home and among allies, one of its top diplomats says

Brian Nichols, the U.S. assistant secretary of state for western hemisphere affairs, says the U.S. has its own experience of foreign interference and will do "everything in our power" to safeguard North American democracies.

Stunned faces and heartbreak for migrants heading to Roxham as they learn Canada will likely send them back

Migrants arriving at Roxham Road on Saturday were heartbroken to learn they would not be able to follow in the footsteps of thousands of others who had sought new lives in Canada.

Calling for closer Canada-U.S. ties, Biden says 'our destinies are intertwined and they're inseparable'

U.S. President Joe Biden delivered an impassioned speech in the House of Commons Friday saying the Canada-U.S. relationship has never been stronger while calling for even closer ties to take on the mounting challenges of our times.

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