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Senior Health Writer

Adam Miller is a former senior health writer with CBC News. He covered health and medical science news extensively in Canada for over a decade, in addition to several years reporting on crime, politics and current affairs throughout Asia.

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Why ERs are under intense pressure across Canada — and how to help fix them

Emergency rooms across Canada are facing a growing crisis — staffing shortages, burnout, worsening wait times, closures, a lack of adequate funding and a surge of patients seeking urgent care threatening to overwhelm a system on the brink of collapse.
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Climate change is fuelling a spike in Lyme disease cases across Canada

Canadians need to be more vigilant against the rapid growth in the number of Lyme disease cases across the country, as climate change fuels an explosion of tick populations and new hotspots for infection continue to emerge from coast to coast.

Cigarette warning labels are about to get even harder to ignore in Canada

Health Canada has announced new warning labels to be printed directly on cigarettes in an effort to deter new smokers, encourage quitting and reduce tobacco-related deaths. It's a world first that experts hope will have a significant impact. 

Canada has some of the highest teen vaping rates in the world, new data shows 

New national data shows the number of Canadian teenagers regularly using e-cigarettes ranks among the highest in the world, and experts say a lack of action from the federal government and the widespread availability of flavoured vapes is fuelling a growing crisis.
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Hundreds of thousands of Canadians get concussions each year — many don't recover

Hundreds of thousands of Canadians get concussions every year, and a growing body of research suggests that many take much longer to recover than previously thought — or don’t ever fully recover at all.

What the end of the COVID emergency means for Canada

The World Health Organization has ended the global COVID-19 emergency, citing increased immunity, fewer deaths and less pressure on hospitals. But while the situation with the virus has improved worldwide, it has also exposed major issues with Canada's health-care system.
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Health Canada 'missing in action' on youth vaping crisis, experts say

Health Canada is "missing in action" on the regulation of e-cigarette flavours in Canada as youth vaping rates rise, health advocates say, and at a time when the vaping industry is expanding into highly addictive new devices that experts warn appeal directly to kids.
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Why mask mandates are lifting in hospitals across Canada

Mask mandates are lifting in hospitals, long-term care homes and other health-care facilities across the country, marking an end to some of the last remaining public health restrictions against COVID-19 in Canada.

Canadian company develops test for animal tranquilizer in street drugs — but it's not available in Canada

A Canadian biotech company has developed new test strips to detect the dangerous animal tranquillizer xylazine in the highly toxic street drug supply — but while the strips are already shipping across the U.S., Canada hasn’t yet approved the potentially lifesaving tool.

'Tranq dope': Dangerous animal tranquillizer spreading in Canada's street drugs

Canada's highly toxic illicit drug supply is worsening with the emergence of xylazine, a dangerous and unpredictable animal tranquillizer that's putting drug users' lives at risk in alarming new ways.