Benjamin Shingler


Benjamin Shingler is a senior writer based in Montreal, covering climate policy, health and social issues. He previously worked at The Canadian Press and the New Brunswick Telegraph-Journal.

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Bank CEOs face questions from MPs over climate policy

Representatives from Canada's five biggest banks will face questions from MPs this afternoon over their commitments to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and spur the transition to renewable forms of energy.

MPs grill Canadian oil and gas executives over profits and emissions

Faced with tough questions about their record profits and climate track record, Canadian oil and gas executives argued Thursday there's no need for a cap on emissions and that regulations have made it difficult to do business.

UN chief calls for fossil fuel ads to be banned like cigarette ads

United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres took aim at fossil fuel advertising in a major speech on Wednesday that gave ammunition to critics who have been calling for tighter restrictions in Canada and countries around the world.

Earth hit with 12 straight months of record-breaking temperatures

The planet’s string of record-breaking temperatures has continued for a full year, with May marking the 12th consecutive month for which its average temperature set a new record for the month. The grim milestone prompted a call for urgent action from the United Nations.

Lightning-caused wildfires burn the most area in Canada, and could be more common as the climate warms

Human-caused fires are on the decline, but experts are concerned lightning-caused fires could become more common and lead to larger wildfires as the climate warms.

This senator wants Canadian banks to fight climate change

Rosa Galvez has taken on a Herculean task: force Canadian financial institutions to prioritize the fight against climate change.

What exactly are 'zombie' fires, and how are they affecting wildfires this spring?

The wildfire season is off to an early start in some parts of Canada — partially due to what are sometimes called "zombie fires" that have carried over from last year. Here's what we know about them.

Early wildfires mean B.C. has already broken its record for carbon emissions in May

An unusually early start to the wildfire season in British Columbia has unleashed record-setting carbon emissions for May, according to a global monitoring agency.

Why this solar storm was so monumental, and other things to know about the light show

The promised northern lights over the weekend did not disappoint, producing a dazzling light show across Canada and around the world. CBC News spoke to experts about what transpired and why it was even more dramatic than expected — especially when seen on your phone.

Solar storm brings northern lights to southern Canada

A geomagnetic storm brought colourful auroras overnight in southern Canada, the northern United States and parts of Europe. It could also cause some disruptions to communications over the weekend.