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This London, Ont., teen is gearing up to train with Jackie Chan's stunt team in China this summer

Fourteen-year-old Eccaia Sampson of London, Ont., will be heading to China to train with Jackie Chan's stunt team in June. The six-time world champion martial artist explains what she's looking forward to on her ten-day trip.

Proposed Western University residence welcome but 'long overdue,' councillor says

A London, Ont. city councillor says he hopes a proposed new student residence from Western University will make it easier for students to find a place to live, and alleviate some of the housing-related issues he's seen in off-campus neighbourhoods.

Sarnia chemical plant to shut down for maintenance after safety outcry from First Nation

A chemical plant in Sarnia, Ont., announced on Saturday that it is temporarily shutting down for maintenance and to "address a mechanical issue" following complaints from a nearby First Nation whose members say they've become ill from the plant's emissions.


Who's behind Ontario's above guideline rent increases

A CBC data analysis looks into which corporate landlords applied most often to raise rents above provincial rent control guidelines in 2022.

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