Front Burner

AI video's groundbreaking, controversial leap forward

OpenAI has unveiled its new artificial intelligence text-to-video tool. It’s impressive, but what are the consequences?
A woman walks on a Tokyo street at night with neon signs behind her. She wears a black leather jacket and red lipstick.
A still from a video made using OpenAI's new generative AI tool, Sora. (OpenAI)

OpenAI has just introduced a new tool, Sora, which turns text prompts into short, shockingly realistic videos. Sora hasn't been released to the public yet, but it's already sparking controversy about its potential implications for industries like animation and video games, as well as for deepfake videos — and for democracy as a whole.

Today, Gary Marcus — a cognitive scientist, AI researcher and entrepreneur, and author of the forthcoming book Taming Silicon Valley — talks to us about the promise and potential consequences of Sora and other generative AI video tools.

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