Sheena Goodyear


Sheena Goodyear is a web journalist with CBC Radio's As It Happens in Toronto. She is equally comfortable tackling complex and emotionally difficult stories that hold truth to power, or spinning quirky yarns about the weird and wonderful things people get up to all over the world. She has a particular passion for highlighting stories from LGBTQ communities. Originally from Newfoundland and Labrador, her work has appeared on CBC News, Sun Media, the Globe & Mail, the Toronto Star, VICE News and more. You can reach her at

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As Canada brings in people fleeing war in Sudan, families scramble to make the cut

Sudanese Canadians say a new immigration pathway for their families has left them navigating complex bureaucracies and fighting for scraps.

Biden's support for Israel is turning some Democratic primary voters against him

Terry Ahwal has been a steadfast Democrat for decades. But she says she can't, in good conscience, cast a ballot for Joe Biden.

Why a herd of life-sized animal puppets will make a 'mass migration' across continents

A new art project will see dozens of life-sized animal puppets migrate some 20,000 kilometres from Senegal to Norway to draw attention to climate change and biodiversity loss.

He rode a horse in a 'mankini' for a laugh. It nearly cost him his Olympic hopes

Shane Rose swears he didn’t mean to make international headlines and jeopardize his Olympic dreams when he rode on horseback in nothing but boots, a helmet and a bright orange G-string.

She thought her mother gave her away. Like thousands of Chileans, she was taken

María Hastings, 37, has always known she was adopted, but she didn't know that her mother didn't give her up willingly. On Sunday she met her biological family for the first time.

'We don't know if she's alive or dead,' says husband of doctor detained in Gaza hospital

Dr. Tareq Al-Daghma fled to Egypt with his 18-year-old daughter. But his wife, obstetrician Dr. Amira Al-Assouli, stayed behind to care for her patients at Gaza's Nasser Hospital. He says she was detained by Israeli forces, and he has no idea if she's alive.

Alexei Navalny's letters from prison showed that 'he loved life,' says exiled journalist

Alexei Navalny never lost his sense of hope and optimism behind bars, says an exiled Russian dissident who exchanged letters with him in prison. 

This scientist was paralyzed by the threat of climate change. How she found hope

It’s hard to be optimistic about the world when you see the devastating effects of climate change all around you. But Hannah Ritchie, a University of Oxford data and environmental scientist, says that mindset only gets in our way.

Great apes get a kick out of 'playfully teasing' each other, study finds 

What do you call it when a chimpanzee offers his buddy a delicious piece of fruit, only to pull his hand away at the last second? It’s not quite play, argues anthropologist Erica Cartmill, but it’s not quite aggression either. It’s teasing.

Navalny's death a 'dark day for Russia's democratic movement,' says exiled activist

The public may never know the details of Alexei Navalny’s death, says exiled Russian activist Tanya Lokshi. But no matter what happened, she holds the Kremlin responsible.