Jonathan Ore


Jonathan Ore is a writer and editor for CBC Radio Digital in Toronto. He regularly covers the video games industry for CBC Radio programs across the country and has also covered arts & entertainment, technology and the games industry for CBC News.

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After community backlash, celeb chef David Chang will no longer enforce 'chili crunch' trademark

After days of criticism, celebrity chef David Chang said he will no longer enforce the trademark for his chili crunch condiment. 

Why a Montreal video game consulting studio is at the centre of an online anti-diversity storm

Montreal-based consulting company Sweet Baby Inc. has become a target of anti-diversity activists claiming it’s trying to radically change the video game industry.

Plumbers Don't Wear Ties is one of the worst games ever made. Here's why it's being re-released

What's behind the revival of infamously bad games — and why are they worth playing, or even selling, today?

Could the next superstar radio host be an AI? Maybe not soon, but it is coming: experts

Tech and media experts say it will likely take years before AI voices can convincingly replace real radio personalities en masse. But whenever they might come, they’ll bring with them new questions about ethics and trust.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is a glorious, messy retelling of one of gaming's greatest stories

The second installment of the ambitious remake project is a charming love letter to fans of the original — when it doesn't get in the way of its own storytelling.

More than a bad trip: Experts warn about the risk of cannabis-induced psychosis

When Kalpit Sharma started smoking high-THC weed several times a day, he thought he was just “living his life” as a university student. But then he started hearing voices.

These Indigenous artists are putting queer love in the spotlight

Love stories abound in entertainment, and are practically inescapable in most genres of popular music. But queer artists telling queer love stories have grown in popularity and visibility in recent years.

Is it time to ditch sick note requirements? Doctors and patients are tired of them

Patients hate having to ask for them. Doctors don't like writing them. And, increasingly, health-care providers are taking a stand against them.

Unsure if you're eligible for cancer testing? These virtual clinics in B.C. are here to help

A handful of new virtual cancer screening programs in British Columbia are connecting people who don't have a family doctor with potentially life-saving treatment they may otherwise be missing out on.

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown revives a classic series with swashbuckling success

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown is 2024's first must-play video game — as long as you're willing to take on its sometimes excruciating level of difficulty.