Jason Vermes


Jason Vermes is a writer and editor for CBC Radio Digital, originally from Nova Scotia and currently based in Toronto. He frequently covers topics related to the LGBTQ community and previously reported on disability and accessibility. He has also worked as an online writer and producer for CBC Radio Day 6 and Cross Country Checkup. You can reach him at jason.vermes@cbc.ca.

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Deaf academics say a lack of ASL interpreters specialized in STEM is holding them back

Deaf professors and researchers working in STEM want more opportunities for ASL interpreters to develop their language skills in specialized fields, allowing for better collaboration between colleagues.

Fawzia Mirza's The Queen of My Dreams is a love letter to Bollywood and queerness

The film tells the story of a mother, Mariam, played by Nimra Bucha, and her daughter, Azra, coming of age while exploring the two characters' complicated relationships to their home countries and each other.

Historical films are Academy Awards favourites. What do they tell us about the past?

Films like Oppenheimer and Killers of the Flower Moon are front runners at this year’s Academy Awards. Cinema professor Kim Nelson says the way they’re framed plays a big role in how we understand the past.

Airports want to scan your face to make travelling easier. Privacy experts caution it's not ready for takeoff

While airlines and airports say facial recognition can make air travel — an often tedious experience — more efficient and seamless, privacy advocates argue the use of biometric data is fraught and open to abuse.

Online harms act won't ban 'awful but lawful' content online, says justice minister

Justice Minister Arif Virani says the Online Harms Act won’t give the federal government the power to determine what content is and isn’t allowed online — particularly when it comes to hateful content.

300 missions in, this Canadian volunteer says he'll stay in Ukraine until he's asked to leave

Paul Hughes's organization Helping Ukraine Grassroots Support (HUGS) has provided food and supplies, fixed military trucks, delivered musical instruments to students and recovered the body of a Canadian soldier who fought alongside Ukrainian troops.

Thieves stole $1,000 in Optimum points from this woman. Here's how to safeguard your points

As more people have their online account credentials leaked thanks to data breaches, the theft of reward points has become a challenging issue to solve, according to one expert. Because they have real cash value, loyalty points offer a potentially lucrative stream for thieves.

This clinic for gender-affirming health care went private. The founder wishes it didn't have to

With wait times lasting months or years, experts say there's a 'crisis of access' for gender-affirming care. One clinic is trying to fill the gap with virtual appointments for trans and non-binary people — but Ontario patients have to pay.

These comedians are using jokes to bring attention to violence in Gaza

Comedians Sammy Obeid and Nour Hadidi say humour can not only bring attention to the violence in Gaza, but push back against negative narratives about Palestinians.

In New York City, centuries worth of Indigenous history is being uncovered through art, stories and community

New York City has one of the largest urban populations of Indigenous people in the United States, but for many, that history has been hidden — and artists, researchers and community leaders are working to shed light on it.