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Karina Roman joined CBC's parliamentary bureau in 2008. She can be reached on email karina.roman@cbc.ca or on Twitter @karinaroman1

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Billions to be announced for housing construction in federal fiscal update, says source

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland will announce billions of dollars in loans and other incentives for housing construction, CBC News has learned.

Delayed by plane troubles, Trudeau finally heading home from India

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has finally left India after technical issues with a government aircraft delayed his departure by two days.

Replacement plane sent to India to pick up PM, delegation after maintenance issue

The Royal Canadian Air Force sent a CC-150 Polaris to India from CFB Trenton Sunday night to pick up Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Canadian delegation after the plane that took him there suffered a maintenance problem.

War in Ukraine expected to block consensus at G20 as Trudeau visits Asia

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is headed to two international summits this week to push for expanded trade and closer ties with parts of Asia — goals that are likely to be overshadowed by Russia's war on Ukraine.

Tuesday's budget to include grocery rebate for lower income Canadians: source

The federal budget, set for Tuesday, will include a grocery rebate measure aimed at lower income Canadians to help address the affordability crisis, particularly to mitigate the rising cost of food, CBC has learned.

Freeland's budget has to tread a narrow path between competing demands for cash: sources

Sources say the 2023 federal budget, set to be unveiled March 28, will focus on three main priorities: affordability measures, investments in the clean industrial economy and the new money promised to provinces for health care.

New voluntary standards released for long-term care homes devastated by the pandemic

Promised new national standards for long-term care homes in Canada have now been published — part of Ottawa's attempt to avoid a repeat of the alarming death tolls in long-term care homes that marked the early phase of the pandemic.

Federal budget will be a 'back to basics' document responding to the chaos in Europe, sources say

The upcoming federal budget — likely to be unveiled in the first week of April — will be a “back to basics” document that accounts for new economic and geopolitical uncertainties stemming from the crisis in Ukraine, senior government sources say.

Standards group calls for sweeping post-pandemic changes to how long-term care homes operate

A national standards association is calling for profound changes to the way Canada's long-term care facilities are run after the pandemic exposed serious weaknesses that contributed to thousands of deaths.

New post-pandemic standards for long-term care proposed to federal government

As hundreds of long-term care homes across the country grapple with new outbreaks of COVID-19, highly-anticipated draft national standards for these facilities were released Thursday.