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RCMP still probing alleged meddling in federal elections but offering few details

RCMP commissioner Mike Duheme says the police force has several open investigations into possible foreign interference in the last two general elections — probes that began only after the votes were counted.

Anti-authority narratives could tear 'fabric of society,' intelligence report warns

A report by a body overseeing the integrity of Canadian elections is warning about the level of threats and intimidation directed toward politicians.

Feds appeal decision requiring action on 'appalling' level of judicial vacancies

The federal government is challenging a court decision directing it to step up the pace of judicial appointments to address an "untenable" number of vacancies.

Canada 'will be there' to help two Michaels after their detention in China: Trudeau

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is pushing back on the notion that Canada's willingness to help two citizens who were detained in China is an acknowledgement they engaged in espionage on Ottawa's behalf.

Changes needed to ensure safer, more resilient RCMP, union report on mental health says

The union representing front-line Mounties is urging the RCMP to move beyond "patchwork solutions" to protect the mental health of officers amid concerns they face increasing risks to their well-being.

Government says closed-door hearings may be needed during foreign interference inquiry: commissioner

Marie-Josée Hogue, the head of the inquiry looking into foreign interference in Canadian elections, says the government has told her some evidence may need to be presented secretly.

Financial intelligence agencies highlighting attempts to export sensitive technology to Russia

Canada's financial intelligence agency and European allies discovered that the individuals and organizations trying to evade sanctions and export control measures in their respective jurisdictions were using similar tactics.

RCMP's use of private-sector surveillance services worries federal privacy watchdog

A federal watchdog is urging the RCMP to do a better job of assessing the privacy implications of commercial surveillance and monitoring services before using them.

Makers of COVID-19 protective equipment seek over $5 billion in damages from Ottawa

Canadian manufacturers of masks and other equipment for protecting against COVID-19 are seeking more than $5 billion in damages from the federal government, saying Ottawa misled them about buying and helping to sell their products.

National security sector tends to put secrecy first, foreign interference probe hears

There's a tendency in the national security realm to prioritize secrecy over transparency, a law professor warned the federal inquiry into foreign interference on Tuesday.