Elizabeth Thompson

Senior reporter

Award-winning reporter Elizabeth Thompson covers Parliament Hill. A veteran of the Montreal Gazette, Sun Media and iPolitics, she currently works with the CBC's Ottawa bureau, specializing in investigative reporting and data journalism. She can be reached at: elizabeth.thompson@cbc.ca.

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Senators receive panic buttons in response to rising concerns about security on Parliament Hill

Canada's senators have been issued panic buttons as concerns about the safety of members of Canada's upper house pile up, CBC News has learned.

Parliament spent nearly $600,000 on luxury hotel rooms it never used

Parliament spent nearly $600,000 on luxury hotel rooms it didn't use when nearly half of the delegates at a conference of European parliamentarians it hosted either didn't show up or chose less expensive hotels.

Trudeau's holiday travel didn't break the rules, ethics commissioner tells MPs

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's trip to Jamaica didn't break the rules that govern gifts and travel for elected officials because the stay was a gift from a longtime family friend, Interim Ethics Commissioner Konrad Von Finckenstein told MPs Tuesday.

Cost to taxpayers of protecting members of Parliament hits a record high

The cost of keeping Canada's members of Parliament safe has hit a record high, CBC News has learned. Experts say higher costs and increased threats are likely the new normal.

MPs probing PM's Jamaican holiday vote to examine rules on MPs and personal gifts

MPs on Parliament’s ethics committee examining Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Christmas holiday in Jamaica have voted to take a closer look at the rules that govern the gifts and travel members of Parliament are allowed to accept.

NDP calls for public consultations on plan that could station Canadian border guards on U.S. soil

The federal government should do more to consult Canadians on its plan to set up preclearance posts at the border that could see Canadian border guards posted on U.S. soil, says NDP public safety critic Peter Julian.

Canadian customs officers could soon be based in the U.S. for the first time

Canadian customs officers could soon be posted to U.S. border posts on American soil for the first time in history and American officers could be assigned to work from border posts in Canada, CBC News has learned.

Prime minister's plane breaks down in Jamaica during family holiday

The Canadian Armed Forces was forced to send a second plane to Jamaica this week after the military plane that brought Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to the Caribbean island for a family vacation became "unserviceable," CBC News has learned.

Meet Oscar, the Canadian-built, AI-driven recycling system helping governments go green

As the federal government begins to embrace artificial intelligence, the Oscar Sort recycling station is one of the more unconventional ways the government is using AI. The system is popping up in federal government buildings and changing how people talk about trash.

Ottawa will prevent AI tools from discriminating against potential hires, Anand says

The federal government will work to prevent artificial intelligence from discriminating against potential employees in hiring for government departments, says Treasury Board President Anita Anand.