Elizabeth Thompson

Senior reporter

Award-winning reporter Elizabeth Thompson covers Parliament Hill. A veteran of the Montreal Gazette, Sun Media and iPolitics, she currently works with the CBC's Ottawa bureau, specializing in investigative reporting and data journalism. She can be reached at: elizabeth.thompson@cbc.ca.

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Bloc leader says he wants legal opinion on prospect of U.S. trade sanctions over language law

Bloc Québécois Leader Yves-François Blanchet says he will ask for a legal opinion on whether the U.S. government has any legal grounds to impose trade sanctions on Canada in response to Quebec language law Bill 96.

U.S. officials discussed hitting Canada with trade sanctions over Quebec's language law

U.S government officials have discussed the possibility of trade sanctions against Canada as a result of Quebec's controversial Bill 96 language law, CBC News has learned. The U.S. government is also being told that Bill 96 could affect the availability of products throughout Canada.

Parole Board failed to deal with board member who made 'unwanted advances' at work: report

A former member of the Parole Board of Canada breached government codes of conduct by sexually harassing female employees of the board, Canada's public sector integrity commissioner has ruled.

Federal government plans to increase its use of AI — with some big exceptions

Treasury Board President Anita Anand says she wants to increase the use of artificial intelligence in Canada's public service — but not when it comes to things like cabinet documents.

House of Commons launches study of controversial travel spending rule

The House of Commons has launched a study of a clause in its spending rules that has allowed MPs travelling to caucus meetings connected to party conventions to claim hundreds of thousands of dollars in expenses over the past year.

House of Commons committee should close loophole on MPs' travel, Liberal MP says

Liberal MP Mark Gerretsen is calling on the House of Commons to close a loophole that allowed MPs travelling to political party conventions to expense hundreds of thousands of dollars in travel costs in the past year.

Watchdog groups call on House of Commons to close spending loophole

Two advocacy groups are calling on the House of Commons to close a loophole that has allowed members of Parliament travelling to party conventions to expense more than half a million dollars over the past year.

Loophole leaves taxpayers picking up tab for MP travel

A loophole in the House of Commons' spending rules has allowed MPs travelling to party conventions to bill taxpayers for more than half a million dollars over the past year — even though House of Commons rules normally prohibit MPs from charging expenses linked to partisan political activity.

The conflict in the Middle East could be affecting the next federal election already

Six months after Hamas's deadly Oct. 7 attack on Israel, the way Canada's MPs have reacted and the positions they have taken are having an impact on support for federal parties in different communities.

Canada Revenue Agency gets more teeth to catch potential tax cheats

The federal government is cracking down on potential tax cheats by introducing new measures to track cryptocurrency transactions and giving the Canada Revenue Agency more teeth to penalize taxpayers who refuse to disclose information it wants.