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Catharine Tunney is a reporter with CBC's Parliament Hill bureau, where she covers national security and the RCMP. She worked previously for CBC in Nova Scotia. You can reach her at

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Honda expected to announce multi-billion dollar deal to assemble EVs in Ontario: sources

Honda is expected to announce a multi-billion dollar deal to build electric vehicles and their parts in Ontario, government sources confirmed to CBC News.

Budget 2024 is pitching a long list of new laws

The federal budget is proposing a long list of new laws covering everything from the so-called 'right to disconnect' to excessive cell phone charges.

2024 federal budget's key takeaways: Housing and carbon rebates, students and sin taxes

Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland today tabled a 400-page-plus budget her government is pitching as a balm for anxious millennials and Generation Z. The budget proposes more than $52 billion in new spending over five years - and a focus on getting more affordable houses built. Here are some of the notable funding initiatives and legislative commitments in budget 2024.

CSIS chief defends his spies' work after PM casts doubt on reliability of agency's reports

The head of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service appeared before the foreign interference inquiry Friday to defend his agency's work, after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau suggested he sometimes doubts the reliability of CSIS reports.

Trudeau says it's his job to question CSIS intelligence, call out 'contradictions'

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Thursday he feels it's part of his job to question and call out what he referred to as "contradictions" in intelligence prepared for the federal government.

PM tells foreign interference probe government's hands are tied on intelligence leaks to media

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told the the Foreign Interference Commission on Wednesday that intelligence leaks to the media can't be refuted without declassifying secret information.

Canada's elections watchdog struggles to investigate foreign interference allegations, inquiry hears

The commissioner of Canada Elections, the watchdog that enforces Canada's federal election laws, is hampered in its ability  to investigate  complaints related to foreign interference, an inquiry heard Thursday afternoon in Ottawa.

N.S. shooting tragedy 'happened for absolutely nothing' if RCMP doesn't learn: commissioner

The commissioner of the RCMP says the police service he oversees is different from the one that was  denounced a year ago for failing to keep Nova Scotians safe during the worst mass shooting in modern Canadian history.

Provinces say Ottawa is leaving them in the dark about RCMP's future

Frustration is mounting in provincial governments that rely on the RCMP's services as they wait for Ottawa to come up with a plan for the beleaguered national police service.

Parliamentary committee agrees to take on probe of Winnipeg lab scandal

A parliamentary committee has agreed to question key witnesses about how two scientists studying deadly viruses at a special lab in Winnipeg were able to work closely and covertly with China.