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Guy Quenneville is a reporter at CBC Ottawa born and raised in Cornwall, Ont. He can be reached at

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Imam departures spark pushback, calls to reinstate them

Members of a Nepean mosque are calling for the reinstatement of their longtime imam, one of two Ottawa spiritual leaders who've recently left their mosques under hazy circumstances.

Hockey mom wants apology after son allegedly called N-word on ice

'If we as parents and adults don't take it as an opportunity to correct it, then my concern is it becomes acceptable and normalized. And I think that's very dangerous.'

Animal tranquilizer in street drugs raises alarms

Harm reduction workers in Ottawa say animal tranquilizers in the street drug supply are putting users at even greater risk of severe harm.

Long-term parking latest idea for jumpstarting underused park and rides

Long-term parking for vacationers and other users of Ottawa's airport has become the latest idea for how to pump new life into some of the city's under-utilized park and rides. 

SIU clears Ottawa officer who led chase before fatal hit and run

Ontario's Special Investigations Unit (SIU) has cleared an Ottawa police officer who'd been chasing a vehicle that was later involved in a fatal hit and run in Westboro last spring.

Shaky future of U of O's lone daycare has parents, supporters 'very concerned'

Supporters of the only daycare at the University of Ottawa say they're disappointed that — as their building faces an eventual demolition — the school isn't helping the decades-old organization find a new on-campus home.

Documents reveal 'haste' to tear down Alexandra Bridge, coalition says

Internal documents obtained by a coalition calling for the preservation of the Alexandra Bridge show some federal government officials expressed reservations about the plan to demolish and replace the historic crossing between Ottawa and Gatineau, Que.

Western Quebec township backs 'resistance' to mineral exploration on its land

Councillors in Low, Que., are taking steps to prevent mineral exploration in the township amid a sharp increase in recent claims being staked in the Outaouais.

Eastway Tank, where blast left 6 dead, suing insurance broker for $14M

The Ottawa tanker manufacturer where a 2022 explosion left six workers dead is suing its insurance broker for $14.4 million and accusing the firm of failing to make sure the company was properly insured at the time of the blast.

Residents fighting to save town's unofficial park

A green space that some Prescott, Ont., residents say has served as a park in all but name for decades is now the subject of spirited debate after being declared "surplus" by town council.