Police vehicle collides with pedestrian in downtown Yellowknife

A Yellowknife street was closed off on Wednesday morning after a police vehicle came into contact with a pedestrian.

One person taken to hospital, not reported to have serious injuries

Police vehicles by a taped off road.
A photo of the scene on 45th Street in downtown Yellowknife on Wednesday morning. (Kate Kyle/CBC)

A downtown Yellowknife street was closed Wednesday morning after a traffic incident involving a pedestrian and a police vehicle. 

Matt Halstead, an N.W.T. RCMP spokesperson, said in a news release police were called to the Salvation Army to remove a man from the facility. 

He said the situation was diffused and the person left on his own accord. 

While on the scene, Halstead said police were directed to an unrelated incident that resulted in one person being taken into custody. 

But while driving away, the first person, who had left the Salvation Army, was struck by a police vehicle. 

"An initial review of available video from the incident suggests that the man had laid down in front of the police vehicle while it was unoccupied by officers and was struck as the vehicle moved ahead at a low speed," Halstead said. 

Halstead said the officers performed first aid and called paramedics. 

"The man was taken to the hospital for an assessment but is not reported to have serious injuries," Halstead said. 

The scene at 45th Street and Franklin Avenue Wednesday morning was taped off and multiple police vehicles were parked outside. 

Salvation Army Yellowknife executive director Tony Brushett says he knows very few details about the incident and is waiting to hear back from police. 

Halstead said specialized officers, including members, including a collision analyst, "have been consulted to ensure that the scene is properly documented and all evidence relating to this incident is preserved."