Jessica Singer

Jessica Singer is a journalist with CBC Newfoundland and Labrador. She has worked in CBC newsrooms in Toronto and St. John's. You can reach her at

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They're dark and oily, and you either love 'em or hate 'em. Tag along to a seal flipper dinner

Winner winner, flipper dinner! Every year, more than 100 people buy tickets to get a feed of seal at Wesley United Church in downtown St. John's.

Parents of deaf students say their children are being neglected by N.L. education system

Kim and Todd Churchill say no systemic changes have been made to deaf education in the province, even after they won a human rights case last year.

Travel nurse who left rural job says N.L. is pushing people out of public health system

Stacey Button says she felt so unsupported and overworked as a licensed practical nurse in Springdale that she left her home and a full-time job to become a travel nurse.

Emotional reception in Miawpukek for new documentary that immortalizes historic hunger strike

The Forgotten Warriors tells the story of the nine-day hunger strike by Mi’kmaw activists in 1983.

St. John's Caps take home 2024 Herder Memorial Trophy

The St. John's Caps won the 2024 Herder Memorial Trophy on Saturday evening, the first time the team has won since 1987.

Can't find solar eclipse glasses? Here's how to make a last-minute pinhole camera

A cereal box, tape, aluminum foil and paper is all you need to make a safe and effective solar eclipse viewer, or pinhole camera.

They're young, they're funny, and these 2 teens just won a national improv competition

Grade 12 students Isaac Andrews Power and Noah Facey of St. John’s are the first team from Atlantic Canada to take home gold at the Canadian Improv Games in Ottawa.

The Cape Ray shipwreck is now completely out of the water. Preserving it is the next challenging feat

Crews removed the Cape Ray shipwreck from the water Sunday evening, around two months after it suddenly appeared along Newfoundland's southwestern tip.

Dozens protest carbon tax outside N.L. legislature, while Opposition says Furey is flip-flopping

The federal government’s carbon tax increase, which came into effect Monday, resulted in a 3.8 cent per litre increase in the price of gas in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Roads reopen as cleanup continues after major flooding on N.L. west coast

Cleanup continues in the town of Cape St. George after significant rainfall on Newfoundland’s west coast Friday caused significant flooding and road washouts.