KISS star Gene Simmons posts photo of London diner

Gene Simmons tweeted out a photo over the weekend of KISS art that sits on a shelf at the Early Bird Diner in London, Ont.

Although Gene Simmons didn't snap the photo, he was in the area

Chris Alexander (right) has been working with Simmons over the last eight as publisher of the official KISS magazine. (Submitted by Chris Alexander )

After several days of speculation, the person behind a photo that was shared on Twitter by KISS star Gene Simmons has stepped forward.

Chris Alexander, who lives in Oakville, has been working with Simmons over the last eight years as publisher of the official KISS magazine.

His step-sister, who lives in London, snapped a photo of four Elvis busts while she was at the Early Bird Diner and sent it to Alexander.

"I've seen every bit of KISS merchandise around the world, everything, and so has Gene … but nobody else has ever painted KISS on Elvis," he said.

"I thought it was hilarious and sent it right to Gene and within minutes he had recycled it onto his Twitter feed."

The co-owner of the Early Bird Diner, Gregg Wolfe, initially spotted the post on Twitter over the weekend. 

The photo was taken inside his diner on Talbot Street. It shows the busts that sit on a shelf. Each bust is painted in the characters of the legendary American rock band. 

"Maybe he (Gene Simmons) did pop in," said Wolfe. "We knew he was in the area so we're not sure if he came in or if his crew came in ... maybe crew spent the night in London and they took the photo."

Although Simmons didn't visit London, the band was in Ontario for a concert date.

"People thought Gene was marauding around London, eating at local hot spots," said Alexander. "I think it's still pretty cool that a rocker of his vintage can still get people excited."

But, would the legendary rocker come to London?

"Absolutely," said Alexander.

"He would come to London in two seconds if he was invited. There's no doubt about that. If someone invited Gene to the Early Bird … he'd be there in a heartbeat."

Elvis busts 

The busts were purchased from a store in Toronto and painted by London artist Andrew Manning in the Kabuki style. 

"We wanted to do the rock-and-roll diner thing but not be the typical rock and roll take a classic and spin it and give people something to talk about," said Wolfe.

He said diners often take photos of the unusual art on his diner walls. 

Wolfe, a KISS fan himself, said he would love to meet Gene Simmons. 

"I would thank him for the good music."

You can hear Gregg Wolfe's reaction to the rock star's tweet by clicking here.