Hamilton man charged after 'alcohol-related issues' on flight back from Cuba, police say

The Hamilton man experienced "alcohol-related issues" on a flight back from Cuba and is now facing charges, police say. 

Hamilton police charged a Hamilton man for causing a disturbance on a flight from Cuba

An airplane in flight seen from a low angle.
Police waited to arrest a man when a flight from Cuba landed in Hamilton Thursday. (Graham Hughes/The Canadian Press)

A Hamilton man who wanted a cigarette and experienced "alcohol-related issues" on a flight back from Cuba is now facing charges, police say. 

Hamilton police say officers waited for the plane from Cayo Coco to land at John C. Munro International Airport on Thursday afternoon so they could arrest the 54-year-old man. He is due in court Friday morning and faces charges related to causing a disturbance and endangering public safety on an aircraft. 

Police allege the man threatened flight staff and created an unsafe environment for passengers. Nobody required medical treatment. 

The man's behaviour stemmed "from alcohol-related issues and a desire for a cigarette in flight," and multiple passengers intervened to help staff, police say. 

Hamilton Police Service spokesperson Krista-Lee Ernst told CBC Hamilton in an email that flights operate daily at the airport and such incidents are rare. 

"Credit goes to our trained flight staff, courageous passengers and the swift response of our officers for ensuring this incident was promptly addressed upon landing," Ernst said. 


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