Calgary police officer shoots and kills dog after being attacked

After responding to a call of an encampment, an officer was attacked and bitten by a dog, leading them to discharge their firearm.

Injured officer is receiving medical treatment for wounds

Calgary police 6155
Three puppies found at the scene have been taken into care by the City of Calgary. (David Bell/CBC)

A dog that attacked and bit a Calgary police officer on Monday was fatally shot. 

At approximately 10:30 a.m., officers responded to a call relating to an encampment in the area of 50th Avenue and First Street S.E., according to an emailed statement from the police. 

Amy Castonguay, a spokesperson for the Calgary Police Service, told CBC News officers found a motorhome parked on a vacant lot.

At the scene, one officer was attacked and bitten by a dog.

According to the release, this "resulted in [the] officer using their service-issued firearm to stop the attack." The dog died.

The injured officer is receiving medical attention for their wounds. 

Two people were found at the scene, but Castonguay said they were not taken into custody. Castonguay added that police are unsure who owns the vacant lot but are continuing to investigate. 

Kaila Lagran, a spokesperson for the City of Calgary, said three puppies found at the scene have been admitted to the keep-safe program at the city's Animal Services Centre. They will be cared for until bylaw officers complete their investigation of the incident.