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Rhianna Schmunk is a senior writer for CBC News based in Vancouver. Over a decade in journalism, she has reported on subjects including criminal justice, civil litigation and climate change. You can send story tips to rhianna.schmunk@cbc.ca.

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Decades after Nakba, Palestinians say current war like catastrophe 'all over again'

Palestinians on Wednesday commemorated the 76th anniversary of the Nakba, or "catastrophe," drawing similarities between the mass wartime displacement of 1948 with the "misery" hundreds of thousands of families in Gaza have experienced during latest conflict with Israel.

Alice Munro, Canadian author who mastered the short story, dead at 92

Alice Munro, the Canadian author who won the Nobel Prize in Literature and was acclaimed for blending ordinary lives with extraordinary themes, has died at the age of 92.

What we know about the arrests and investigation into Hardeep Singh Nijjar's killing

Three men were arrested and charged Friday in connection with the killing of a Sikh separatist activist in B.C., a crime that fractured the diplomatic relationship between India and Canada last year. Here's what we know.

Periods are a nightmare in Gaza's crowded, unsanitary camps. Women are using birth control to skip them

Samah El-Nazli, a mother of four living in a makeshift tent in Rafah, is among millions of Gazans in overcrowded camps struggling to access food, water and sanitation as the war continues. She and others are opting to use birth control to delay their periods rather than scrambling to find costly pads and tampons.

Nurse from Canada who worked at Gaza hospital under siege describes difficult decision to leave

Over the last several months, Ahmed Kouta — known largely on social media as Prince Kouta — has spoken to CBC News in interviews chronicling his time in Gaza.

Baby girl, delivered after Palestinian mother killed in Israeli airstrike, improving in hospital, doctors say

A baby girl delivered from a Palestinian woman who was killed alongside her husband and daughter in an Israeli airstrike in Rafah is stabilizing in hospital after her critical first days, according to her family and doctors.

UN rights chief calls for independent investigation as more bodies recovered from Gaza mass graves

The United Nations human rights chief on Tuesday said he was horrified by reports of the discovery of hundreds of bodies in mass graves at two medical facilities in Gaza and called for an independent investigation into the deaths and destruction of the complexes.

Total solar eclipse sends parts of Canada into darkness

Millions of people across North America fell into chilly midday darkness on Monday as a total solar eclipse slid across the continent for the first time in seven years, leaving crowds to experience a phenomenon they won't see in Canada again for decades. 

Desperate to escape the war, Palestinians pay a private company thousands to leave Gaza

In the face of war, famine and homelessness, desperate Gazans are paying a private company in Cairo exorbitant “travel co-ordination fees” to help them escape into Egypt through the Rafah border. One international affairs expert says the system is war profiteering “at its worst.”

Ontario regulator exploring legal options to address allegations of corporate pressure at pharmacies

The Ontario College of Pharmacists says it's working with a legal team to explore its options after thousands of pharmacy employees came forward to share "deeply troubling" stories about corporate pressure to perform billable services — sometimes at the expense of patient care.