Akshay Kulkarni


Akshay Kulkarni is a journalist who has worked at CBC British Columbia since 2021. Based in Vancouver, he has covered breaking news, and written features about the pandemic and toxic drug crisis. He is most interested in data-driven stories. You can email him at akshay.kulkarni@cbc.ca.

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Strike at Hudson's Bay store in Kamloops, B.C., set to end

A new contract has been ratified between workers and management at a Hudson's Bay location in Kamloops, B.C., bringing a nearly six-month-long strike to an end.

B.C.'s First Nations Health Authority reports cyberattack

The B.C. First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) has confirmed it was the victim of a cyberattack, and that some employee personal information was likely impacted in the breach.

London Drugs confirms it was victim of ransomware attack

Retailer London Drugs has confirmed Tuesday that cybercriminals have demanded a ransom for data that was taken in a cyberattack that took its stores offline for a week.

Multiple homes destroyed in Fort Nelson wildfire, officials say

Officials have confirmed that multiple homes have been damaged, and some destroyed, as a wildfire west of Fort Nelson, B.C., continues to burn Sunday.

London Drugs confirms employee info compromised in cyberattack

Retail and pharmacy chain London Drugs has confirmed some employee personal information was compromised in a cyberattack in late April.

Court upholds B.C.'s COVID-19 health-care vaccine mandate

The B.C. Supreme Court has ruled that the province's COVID-19 vaccine mandate for health-care workers was justified, based on the significant risk posed by the virus when the province's mandate was renewed in October 2023.

This First Nation in B.C. was ordered to leave in 2023 due to fires. 1 year later, it's happened again

Members of the Doig River First Nation remain out of their homes due to a wildfire on Tuesday — almost exactly one year after another nearby wildfire forced them to leave.

B.C. law change will let City of Vancouver enact SRO vacancy control

The province has introduced law amendments that would allow the City of Vancouver to enact vacancy control on single-room occupancy (SRO) units in the Downtown Eastside.

Doig River First Nation orders reserve evacuated due to wildfire

An evacuation order has been issued for the Doig River First Nation reserve in northeastern B.C. due to a nearby wildfire.

State actor blamed for cyberattack on B.C. government systems

The head of B.C.'s public service has announced a state or state-sponsored actor attempted to breach government systems in a cyberattack.