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Senior Reporter

Mark Gollom is a Toronto-based reporter with CBC News. He covers Canadian and U.S. politics and current affairs.

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Do wealthy Canadians pay enough taxes? That depends how we define 'fair share'

The federal government announced an increase in capital gains taxes as a way to ensure the wealthiest Canadian pay their fair share. But how exactly do we determine what a "fair share" is? Especially if, as some data suggests, the wealthiest are already paying a larger share of the overall income tax burden.

Why Jordan, and maybe even Saudi Arabia, helped defend Israel

The reasons why Jordan and, reportedly, Saudi Arabia helped thwart Iran's attack on Israel are varied, complex and perhaps self-serving, observers say. But they may also reveal their greater concern about the threat posed by Iran and in preventing a wider conflict.

Ont. school boards are trying to knock down the social media giants. Do their cases stand a chance?

The lawsuits launched by Ontario school boards against the social media giants could take years to litigate, involve dozens of experts, thousands of documents and cost lots and lots of money. And they may also encounter significant legal challenges.

Ottawa has proposed a renters' bill of rights. Will it help?

The federal government's proposed measures to protect renters from low vacancy rates, high prices and other significant challenges might not be enough, according to some housing experts. But others see it as a start that could evolve into something more helpful for tenants.

YouTube blocks access to Fifth Estate story on killing of B.C. Sikh activist at India's demand

YouTube is blocking access in India to a story by CBC’s The Fifth Estate on the alleged contract killing of a Canadian Sikh separatist after the Indian government demanded the social media platform take that action.

Extortions threatening South Asian businesses with shootings and arsons are linked, police say

Several brazen and violent attacks linked to extortion threats have targeted South Asian businesses across Canada since October. CBC News has learned that at least five policing jurisdictions in B.C., Alberta and Ontario are now investigating as many as 74 incidents or cases related to a series of extortion attempts.

With some Democrats unsure of a Biden candidacy, what are the chances of a brokered convention?

Dogged by low approval ratings and concerns about his age, health and mental acuity, U.S. President Joe Biden continues to face concerns from some Democrats about his electability for a second term in office. Could he be replaced? It's highly unlikely, say political observers.

Why Israeli claims of UN bias have ramped up since the deadly Oct. 7 Hamas attacks

Accusations of UN bias against Israel are nothing new but have ramped up following the Oct. 7 Hamas-led deadly attacks on Israel, with some observers suggesting the country's relationship with the body may be at one of its lowest points.

Retired vice-admiral Edmundson sexually assaulted woman after advances rejected, Crown charges

Retired vice-admiral Haydn Edmundson realized the empty, docked naval ship he was aboard offered his last chance to make advances on a woman, and then sexually assaulted her when she didn't respond, a Crown attorney charged on Tuesday.

Retired vice-admiral Edmundson denies sexual assault, exposing himself to woman, court hears

Retired vice-admiral Haydn Edmundson denied in an Ottawa courtroom that he sexually assaulted or exposed himself to a woman who claims he attacked her while on deployment on a naval ship more than 30 years ago.