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Scott Anderson is a producer at the fifth estate. He has been an investigative journalist in both print and broadcast. He has covered stories at city hall, across the country and around the world.

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How Canada has been helping China hunt for fugitives for decades

Earlier this year, politicians in Ottawa decried the reported existence of several alleged Chinese police stations in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. But Canadian officials were already well aware of Chinese police operations in Canada.

Canadian sanctions against Iranian company don't cover board member with business interest in B.C.

An Iranian businessman who owns shares and sits on the board of a private Tehran-based company that has been sanctioned by Canada for co-ordinating the transport of weapons to Russia has a registered company in British Columbia, The Fifth Estate has learned.

Iranians tried to hire private investigator to spy in Canada

A member of an Iranian intelligence network attempted to hire a private investigator in Canada to conduct surveillance on anti-regime activists, The Fifth Estate has learned.

How a failed deal with China to produce a made-in-Canada COVID-19 vaccine wasted months and millions

The federal government’s failed collaboration with a vaccine manufacturing company in China early in the pandemic has led to a delay of nearly two years in efforts to create a made-in-Canada COVID-19 vaccine.

RCMP suspected person leaking secrets had high-level computer access, Ortis investigation search warrants show

The RCMP suspected someone senior in their ranks was offering to spill secrets but still didn't know the identity of the alleged leaker for several months after they first learned confidential information about investigations had been compromised, according to court documents that ultimately led to the arrest of intelligence analyst Cameron Ortis.

RCMP used covert search and surveillance powers before arresting high-level intelligence official

The RCMP obtained more than two dozen court-ordered warrants and authorizations over a 15-month period prior to and after the arrest of Cameron Ortis, then the director general of its National Intelligence Co-ordination Centre.

N.S. gunman's replica patrol car had something that slain RCMP constable's car didn't

The replica police car that the gunman drove on his killing rampage through rural Nova Scotia last month was distinct from most other RCMP patrol vehicles in at least one way. It was equipped with a black push bar on the front bumper. But exerts disagree on how much of a difference that made in the head-on collision with the vehicle of RCMP Const. Heidi Stevenson, who died at the scene after confronting the gunman.
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RCMP have not disclosed when first 911 call came in about N.S. mass shooting

The Nova Scotia community where one of the deadliest mass killings in this country's history began earlier this month does not have 24-hour-a-day policing and was in the process of reviewing its RCMP service. Neither the mayor nor the RCMP have said at what time the initial 911 call came in.

Canadian government shopping for high-demand N95 masks on the international market

The Trudeau government's announcement Tuesday that it is spending up to $2 billion to procure personal protective equipment — including more than 60 million N95 masks — comes weeks into a global pandemic and raises questions about Canada's emergency preparedness. 

How a lab in Sask. that focuses on animals became Canada's $23M hope for a COVID-19 vaccine

In the global race to find a COVID-19 vaccine, the federal government announced Monday it is pumping $23 million into an academic research lab in Saskatoon. Here is a look at how the facility that started out as a modest veterinary lab in 1975 became Canada's best hope for a vaccine.