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Internet in Sudan is 'patchy at best.' UNICEF says it could get much worse

Getting access to the internet is no small feat in Sudan, according to Jill Lawler, making it difficult for her teams at UNICEF to deliver aid to the country ravaged by an ongoing civil war.

These Indigenous women are decolonizing parenting to help raise empowered children

Indigenous women are reclaiming parenting traditions in many ways, from programs to social media.

Remembering missing and murdered Indigenous women beyond Red Dress Day

An organizer of a walk Sunday in Elsipogtog First Nation doesn’t want anyone to forget why Red Dress Day exists, 14 years after the first event.

3 dead, 1 in critical condition following crash in Fredericton

Three people are dead, one person is in critical condition and another is being treated for minor injuries following a fatal crash on Fredericton’s north side.

Fredericton hoops star recruited to play NCAA basketball

Fredericton basketball star Malcolm Christie will play against top university players in the United States next season.

How this group is turning its 'rope mountain' into your next garden tool

Slowly but surely, Nicole Waaler has been building what she calls her “rope mountain” of discarded old rope. It’s been sitting in a large pile for years. Now she has a way to recycle it.

How to tell if a binder of Pokémon cards is worth thousands or less than $100

If you have a binder or box full of Pokémon cards sitting in your closet or basement, the contents could be worth thousands of dollars. Or maybe less than $100. It depends.

Felicia Dawkins made kids cry at viral Wonka-inspired experience. Now it's getting her gigs

Willy's Chocolate Experience in Glasgow may have seemed like a nightmare for those who attended, but for one actor, it’s helping her live out her dream.

Baltimore bridge site a tangled, ever-changing mess of debris following collapse

It's been difficult to untangle the twisted metal and boat, both above the water and below, caused by a collision from a large cargo ship into a bridge in the Patapsco River near Baltimore. 

Why b'y isn't just a N.L. term, and how this TikToker from Northern Ireland found out

Whitney McCullough never knew she would find a connection with people who lived across the Atlantic Ocean. But that changed when she learned about the linguistic similarities between her home of Banbridge, Northern Ireland, and Newfoundland.