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Reporter, The Canadian Press

Nono Shen is a reporter with The Canadian Press.

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Hunt for truth goes on if Pickton lives or dies: victim advocates

Advocates for alleged victims of B.C. serial killer Robert Pickton say they remain focused on getting justice for the women, as Pickton lies in a Quebec hospital in a coma after being attacked in prison.

Drought signs raise fears of another fish die-off in B.C. rivers

Scientists worry climate change and the threat of another year of drought could have further dire consequences for populations of salmon, trout and other fish in B.C.

Endako, B.C., under wildfire threat as evacuation alerts issued

Shifting winds triggered an evacuation alert for the tiny community of Endako in central British Columbia over the weekend, as fears of a long wildfire season in the province start to materialize.

B.C. firm wins NASA challenge with space-friendly menu

Space food isn't just Tang and puréed meat in a tube anymore — it's mushroom bacon and fresh strawberries that have earned a North Vancouver company the grand prize in a Canadian Space Agency and NASA challenge to make food indoors.

B.C. man's ultra-marathon Hawaiian swim scuttled by jellyfish

Ultra-endurance athlete Nick Pelletier knew the Hawaiian channel he planned to swim had plenty of sharks, but he should have been worried about the jellyfish. 

B.C. gardeners grieve as they take stock of cold snap's toll

Across British Columbia's south coast, gardeners are finding dead or damaged plants due to the cold snap that sent temperatures plunging to -13.7 C in Richmond.

Bottom-contact fishing banned near rare coral reef off B.C. coast

Federal authorities have closed the only known live coral reef in Canada's Pacific waters to all commercial and recreational bottom-contact fishing. The Lophelia Reef, located in the Finlayson Channel of B.C.'s Central Coast, was first discovered in 2021.

New crane safety rules coming to B.C. soon, says labour minister

The provincial government says safety changes are in the works and could be announced in the next few months.

Flight Centre fights hundreds of fake sites, as bogus booking costs B.C. man $2,280

Flight Centre says it has had more than 200 fraudulent listings taken down so far, the search results having appeared in online searches for "Flight Centre" across Canada.

Watch how AI-driven robots are taking over repetitive tasks at a B.C. hospital lab

Lab automation is not new, but St. Paul's Hospital says WASPLab's use of AI is a first for Western Canada, assessing and sorting culture plates, separating bacterial cultures and letting staff know if something needs more analysis.