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CBC Investigates

Canada, home to a massive boreal forest, lobbied to limit U.S., EU anti-deforestation bills

Canada's forest industry is a $34-billion business. But as climate change accelerates, many worry about the true cost of logging, including the states of New York and California, which introduced anti-deforestation bills — that provinces and the federal government lobbied against.

Canadian sanctions against Iranian company don't cover board member with business interest in B.C.

An Iranian businessman who owns shares and sits on the board of a private Tehran-based company that has been sanctioned by Canada for co-ordinating the transport of weapons to Russia has a registered company in British Columbia, The Fifth Estate has learned.

Iranians tried to hire private investigator to spy in Canada

A member of an Iranian intelligence network attempted to hire a private investigator in Canada to conduct surveillance on anti-regime activists, The Fifth Estate has learned.

Wood from B.C. forests is being burned for electricity billed as green — but critics say that's deceptive

The largest power station in the U.K., Drax, burns wood pellets sourced from B.C.’s old growth and untouched forests to create electricity. Scientists and environmentalists argue it’s a false solution to the climate crisis.

Secret Nygard videos show former fashion mogul charged with sex trafficking travelling with teenage girl

Hours of behind-the-scenes video shot by a whistleblower show former Canadian fashion mogul Peter Nygard, who is alleged to have abused women and girls for decades, screaming at his employees and approaching a 16-year-old girl at the London Olympics.

'I told him about my problems': Priest's confession of child abuse used to boost case against Catholic Church

The confession a Quebec priest made just before he died in prison is being used by his victims to try to hold the Catholic Church accountable for decades of child abuse.
The Fifth Estate

Son of slain B.C. artist demands RCMP revive dormant investigation as new details emerge

When Cristiano Savioli travelled to Cortes Island, B.C., from his hometown in Italy after the brutal slaying of his father, Stefano, in the summer of 2010, he vowed to do everything he could to help investigators solve the case. Today, the homicide case lies dormant and Cristiano Savioli wants answers.
CBC Investigates

Police hunted for secret church archives during probe of abuse allegations at St. Anne's residential school

Police investigating widespread allegations of physical and sexual abuse at St. Anne’s Indian residential school in northern Ontario looked for secret church archives that would have contained sensitive information about priests.

'There's always a little light': Indigenous youth find hope in the face of suicide

Over a nine-month period, The Fifth Estate followed three teens who shared their stories about what it is like to in Cross Lake, a northern Manitoba Indigenous community where five young people killed themselves last year.

Coalition bombing linked to 48 allegations of civilian casualties in Iraq, Syria

Despite claims by Canada and coalition forces of a near-perfect bombing record that has rarely harmed or killed civilians in Iraq and Syria, a fifth estate investigation has found nearly 50 credible allegations — involving as many as 600 possible deaths — that merit further review.