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The Fifth Estate

What's behind rising food costs in Canada's North? Questions emerge over how retailer sets prices

Questions are emerging about whether one retail chain in Canada’s North is unfairly profiting from food inflation, a joint investigation by CBC’s The Fifth Estate and APTN Investigates has found. An ex-employee of the North West Company is questioning pricing increases that she says she found hard to justify.
The Fifth Estate

First police investigation of junior hockey players in sex assault case 'cursory at best,' expert says

When police in London, Ont., carried out two separate investigations into the 2018 sexual assault allegations that have rocked Hockey Canada, they examined the same incident, but came to different conclusions.

Canadian sanctions against Iranian company don't cover board member with business interest in B.C.

An Iranian businessman who owns shares and sits on the board of a private Tehran-based company that has been sanctioned by Canada for co-ordinating the transport of weapons to Russia has a registered company in British Columbia, The Fifth Estate has learned.

Iranians tried to hire private investigator to spy in Canada

A member of an Iranian intelligence network attempted to hire a private investigator in Canada to conduct surveillance on anti-regime activists, The Fifth Estate has learned.

How fallout from top secret documents found at Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort could affect Canada

The discovery of top secret documents at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort sparked a criminal investigation and has the former U.S. president facing the possibility of criminal charges. But it’s also raised alarms in intelligence circles, where allies of the U.S., which share information and include Canada, wonder what is in the documents and if it could have an impact on intelligence needed to protect national security.

Mormon Church in Canada moved $1B out of the country tax free — and it's legal

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has used $1 billion it collected for charity in Canada to finance its own private university in the United States, an investigation by CBC’s The Fifth Estate has found.

Why Canada is losing affordable rental housing faster than it's being built

Research shows that in the last decade, Canada has been losing affordable rental homes far faster than new ones are being built, and it’s forcing some renters out of the homes and communities they know.

Infiltrator wanted to 'kneecap' a violent neo-Nazi group

An anti-fascist activist who infiltrated a neo-Nazi organization walked away with a trove of audio and video recordings that provide a rare insight into the minds of members of such groups and their radicalization, a researcher says.
CBC Investigates

Girls hockey coach still on ice despite permanent suspension for punching threats

In March, the Ontario Women's Hockey Association permanently banned Jenya Feldman for verbal abuse and threats of violence against players. But the private hockey academy owner is still on the ice with teen girls, and authorities say they can do little about it.

Former player details alleged sexual assault by junior hockey coach Bernie Lynch

More than 30 years after the night he says changed his life, a former junior hockey player went to police in Saskatchewan to allege he was sexually assaulted by a coach. He shares his story with CBC News.