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Angela MacIvor is a consumer reporter with the CBC Atlantic investigative unit. She has been with CBC since 2006 as a reporter and producer in all three Maritime provinces. All news tips welcome. Send an email to

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These Nova Scotians say they felt tricked into paying thousands for water systems

The Nova Scotia government will decide in the coming weeks whether to cancel or suspend Atlantic Environmental Systems’ permit, after receiving a series of complaints. It comes after the door-to-door company’s licence was pulled in P.E.I. last August for high pressure sales tactics and targeting vulnerable seniors.

High cost of baby formula leaves parents stressed, desperate and seeking charity

Parents in Nova Scotia are expressing concern about the rising cost of infant formula and the struggle to find their brand in stock. Prices have jumped 30 per cent since 2022, without much relief in sight. As a result, families are often chasing down coupons and turning to charity.

These Nova Scotians got extreme power bills. They're not alone

More than 2,500 people have signed a petition demanding a public inquiry to determine why the electricity bills of some Nova Scotia Power customers have jumped far more than 6.5 per cent, after the utility instituted a rate hike of that amount on Jan. 1.

Family of N.S. seniors call extensive landline outage a safety concern

Relatives of an elderly couple in rural Nova Scotia who endured a two-month landline outage say it’s a safety concern, calling landlines an essential service that should be prioritized by phone companies.

N.S. couple took Air Canada to court over flight delay — and won

A Nova Scotia couple has won a small claims court case against Air Canada. The airline cancelled their connecting flight from Toronto to New York in July 2022, citing “crew constraints” due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In his ruling, an adjudicator said it wasn’t an adequate reason for a flight delay two years into the pandemic.

Lisa Banfield's lawyer praises commission report for calling out victim-blaming, RCMP exploitation

When lawyer Jessica Zita opened the Mass Casualty Commission’s final report this week, she says she felt deeply moved by the focus on gender-based violence and specifically how her client Lisa Banfield has been mistreated.

Judge rules in favour of CBC to unseal mass shooting court documents

Nearly three years after the Nova Scotia tragedy, most details from the RCMP’s investigation have now been released by the court. The decision follows a recent inquiry that provided even more information to the public.

Why lawyers for N.S. mass shooter's spouse say her case should prompt change within RCMP

Lisa Banfield’s lawyers allege the RCMP used her vulnerable state as a victim of domestic violence to gather information they later used to charge her criminally. They hope the Mass Casualty Commission’s upcoming final report will lead to changes in how police approach such sensitive cases.

Why Nova Scotia's RCMP tactical team is 'shaking mad' 2 years after Portapique tragedy

Members of Nova Scotia’s emergency response team are upset after texts between a superintendent and a subordinate reveal they were making fun of their mental health requests in the aftermath of the Portapique tragedy.

How the RCMP says it has changed since the Nova Scotia mass shooting

A lawyer representing the Attorney General of Canada says the RCMP have made several policy changes since the mass shooting in 2020 in a report made public Thursday.