5 songs to soundtrack your Pisces season

Welcome this dreamy, introspective time with songs from our fave Pisces artists, including Justin Bieber, Fefe Dobson, Grimes and more.

Welcome this dreamy time with songs from our fave Pisces: Justin Bieber, Fefe Dobson and more

Photos of Grimes, Fefe Dobson and Justin Bieber are superimposed over a pink and purple astrological wheel.
Empathetic, dreamy and artistic are traits often associated with Pisces, so it's no wonder Pisces artists create some of the most emotional tunes. (Getty Images; graphic by CBC Music)

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People born with a Pisces sun have long been stereotyped as the crybabies of the zodiac, but I believe they've just learned to embrace the purifying magic of a good, cathartic cry. Pair that with their lack of fear of seeming weak or vulnerable, and of course people will see them shed a tear (or many) from time to time. Pisceans know that vulnerability is a gift, not something to bury down deep. 

This water sign is characterized as a naturally artistic, compassionate dreamer, ruled by imagination and intuition. Encountering one in the wild feels like socializing with someone who doesn't quite seem to be on the same astral plane as you. In fact, Pisces can have their heads so far up in the clouds, they often forget to come back down to Earth. 

They feel everything intensely and love obsessively. Just ask Pisces pop star Justin Bieber, who wrote these lyrics about his wife, Hailey: "It's beyond obsession/ all of my attention/ nothing can compare to you." 

Neptune is this sign's planetary ruler, meaning the realms of spirituality, escapism, dreams and  psychic ability are a Pisces' playground. They can get really mystic and witchy. Don't be shocked if they ask you to join a full-moon ritual or see a shaman with them. 

CBC Life astrologer Bryanna Collier says that this Pisces season is a superb time to heighten our imaginations. "For the next four weeks, we'll be inspired to dream big...Let your intuition take the lead," she says. 

Take a plunge into the Pisces state of mind with these five songs. 

'Loved by You,' Justin Bieber feat. Burna Boy

"Loved by You" by Justin Bieber featuring Burna Boy is teeming with classic Pisces traits. A penchant for fantasy, yearning, lovesickness to the point of delusion: textbook Pisces behaviour. How deeply he needs to be loved by the object of his desire even makes Bieber hate himself, but he can't stop: "I walked a thousand miles/ I've opened every door/ it's not enough, it's still your love I'm always lookin' for."

'Everything,' Fefe Dobson

Fefe Dobson, our angsty, moody queen, released "Everything" 20 years ago and it still packs such a punch. She somehow runs the whole range of human emotions in four minutes and 11 seconds — Pisces are known for their mood swings, after all. 

'Pisces Moon,' Flower Face 

Pisces are such lovers that they don't always know when to let go. Flower Face taps into that conundrum on "Pisces Moon," a pared-back song about struggling to move on from a lover who was never right for her in the first place. Grab some tissues in preparation for lines like: "I'm always running after that train/ I'm always running after that boy/ after he leaves me at the station again/ 'cause I know it's in his heart to be good." 

'Paper Thin,' Nemahsis

If there's one thing Pisces never shy away from, it's raw, intense vulnerability. They're comfy going to uncomfortable places, which Nemahsis shows so beautifully on her heart-wrenching track "Paper Thin." She lays out a life's worth of insecurities, penning a self-love anthem for those whose self-love has been hard won. 

'Be a Body,' Grimes

The repeated lyrics in "Be a Body" sound like incantations. Honestly, most of the songs on Grimes's 2012 album, Visions, have the same effect. Lean into the glitchy, mystical production and turn the lights down low, or better yet: blast it under a full moon. Do some interpretative dancing while you ask the universe to make all your wishes reality.