Filming and post-production of the final episodes of Heartland Season 17

An update on production of Heartland's 17th season.
A red barn and a horse corral with a lovely sunset in the background.
A lovely sunset behind the barn on the Heartland Ranch set. (Heartland)

It's hard to believe, but the final block of  Heartland Season 17 is now being filmed. Yesterday, the last day of block 4 was wrapped at the Millarville Rodeo Grounds. The past two weeks have been busy, with the Heartland team simultaneously prepping, shooting, and editing. Post-production is now underway. This is where the audio will be cleaned up, sound effects added, the music that you hear accompanying a scene will be selected, and all of the video colour corrected.

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The editing team is based in Calgary, headed by Supervising Picture Editor (and regular Director on Heartland) Ken Filewych, who will edit four episodes this season. Ken has been with the series since the beginning - he edited the pilot, Heartland episode 101, "Coming Home".

Picture Editor Jerry Skibinsky, who started on Heartland in Locations during Heartland Season 3, will edit six episodes. Ken and Jerry are supported by Logan Jefford, the production's First Assistant Picture Editor, and Michael Bentley, the Assistant Picture Editor. 

Heartland's post-production team is based in Toronto, and is led by Post-production Supervisor Lisa Kalushner. Like Ken, Lisa has also been on the show since the pilot. Her work is about to kick into high gear as more and more episodes of Season 17 complete the editing phase.

The next few weeks look great. The scripts are inspiring, the directors are focused and creative as they lead a very talented crew, and the editing and post-production teams are bringing it all together. Team work makes the dream work, the Heartland dream!

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