22 hours a day of live coverage key to CBC's Paris Olympics plan

CBC/Radio-Canada has announced its extensive coverage plans for the 2024 Paris Olympics. The coverage of Team Canada's approximately 10,500 athletes include a consistent slate of on-the-ground and in-studio coverage programming for 22 hours daily.

Anastasia Bucsis, Scott Russell and Devin Heroux anchor coverage from the ground

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L to R: Andi Petrillo, Waneek Horn-Miller, Craig McMorris, Perdita Felicien. (CBC)

CBC/Radio-Canada has announced its extensive coverage plans for the 2024 Paris Olympics, which take place between Friday, July 26, and Sunday, Aug. 11.

Coverage of Team Canada will include a consistent slate of on-the-ground and in-studio coverage programming for 22 hours daily.

"As we mark our 24th Olympic Games as Canada's official broadcaster, we look forward to providing audiences with unparalleled live and on-demand coverage of the world's top athletes on their pursuit of the podium across all of our platforms," Chris Wilson, CBC/Radio-Canada's general manager of Olympics, Paris 2024, said in a release.

The live and on-demand coverage will consist of broadcasts spanning every venue Paris offers and will amass more than 3,000 hours of content as CBC aims to capture every Canadian medal-winning moment.

"CBC/Radio-Canada is delighted to broadcast to Canadians from coast to coast to coast the thrills of the Olympics, this summer with the spectacular backdrop of Paris, France," Catherine Tait, President and CEO, CBC/Radio-Canada said.

Audiences can view event schedules, results, athletes's biographies and more on CBC's website and app. Tuning into coverage is possible through traditional television broadcasts on CBC, their partner networks in TSN and Sportsnet and catching live events through the free streaming service CBC Gem.

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Left to right: CBC' Anastasia Bucsis, Scott Russell and Devin Heroux will be in Paris this summer to bring you all the action from Olympics July 26 to Aug. 11. (CBC Sports)

Two-time Olympian and former speed skater Anastasia Buscis will kick off coverage at 6 a.m. ET with RBC Olympic Morning, bringing up-to-date coverage for six hours with CBC Sports's Rob Pizzo on deck for live updates.

Afterward, audiences will get a view of the Eiffel Tower as Scott Russell hosts the next six-hour block of programming alongside Julie Stewart-Binks from 12 to 6 p.m., who, like Pizzo in the mornings, will bring live updates to the Bell Paris Prime Live segment.

The following seven hours of live programming begins at 7 p.m. with Toyota Olympic Games Primetime running until 2. a.m. The seven-hour block will feature a four-person panel consisting of two Olympians with former Canadian water polo co-captain Waneek Horn-Miller and world champion hurdler Perdita Felicien.

Alongside the Olympic duo will be professional snowboarder and analyst Craig McMorris and six-time Olympic host Andi Petrillo.

Finally, CBC's 2 to 6 a.m. schedule — Olympic Games Overnight — will showcase highlights and replays from the events from that day while providing live coverage of the early morning Paris events before Buscis's program kickstarts the next day's Olympic coverage.

CBC Sports's Devin Heroux will be on the ground in Paris, bringing audiences as close to the athletes as possible.

The public broadcaster will provide children with coverage of the events on cbckidsnews.ca, while cbckids.ca will house Olympic action and an array of games.

"Thanks to our talented and tireless CBC/Radio-Canada teams, audiences from coast to coast to coast will never miss a moment of the action as the country cheers on and celebrates the world's top athletes," Wilson said.

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