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Player's Own Voice podcast: Tessa Virtue's new post-skating happiness

Figure skater Tessa Virtue checks in on all things new. New work. New husband. New freedom to explore opportunities.

Tessa Take Two

A funny thing about great athletes. They tend to keep on surprising us, even after their competitive careers wind down. And so, catching up with Tessa Virtue again, five years after she unlaced the skates and five years after she last came on the podcast, we learn that she has combined her high performance sport experience, a masters in applied psychology, and an MBA to build a unique business advisory role for herself at Deloitte.
POV podcast

Player's Own Voice podcast: Canada's Jessie Fleming ready to roll in the NWSL

Canadian midfielder Jessie Fleming has left her English pro club for a rich deal with the Portland Thorns. She's hoping her leading roles in club play and on the national team can reinforce one another.

Jessie Fleming, the mindful midfielder

At just 25, Jessie Fleming has already enjoyed a full decade of being named player of the year, top college player, Top Canadian, CONCACAF All Star, and enough adulation to convince a less modest midfielder of her own greatness. But Fleming has a ‘do the work, and do it well’ attitude that has carried her to the apex of soccer, and helped her become a well-rounded, highly-educated, self-aware young leader.
POV podcast

Player's Own Voice podcast: Josh Liendo ready to rule the pool

Canadian swimmer Josh Liendo has set national, NCAA, and world championship records, and he is just coming into his peak years.

Josh Liendo, swimming into the record books.

Swimming is notoriously practise-heavy. The daily accumulation of laps and dryland workouts can nudge elite swimmers toward becoming mono-focus athletes. So it’s delightful to meet Canada’s male swimmer of the year, Josh Liendo, and find a well-rounded young man tearing up the record books.

'I shouldn't have went': John Herdman says sister's death had him not ready to coach Canada at World Cup

John Herdman, who coached Canada's men's team to its first World Cup appearance in 36 years, now says he wished he'd stepped down as manager before the tournament because he was mourning the death of his sister.

John Herdman tackles trauma, on and off the pitch.

John Herdman, the most successful head coach in the history of Canada soccer, came to Toronto FC at the tail end of a miserable season for the club. But he reminds everyone that TFC is the only team in the history of MLS to win the triple crown: the Supporters’ Shield, the Canadian Championship and the MLS Cup. Why wouldn’t you be optimistic ?
POV podcast

Player's Own Voice podcast: Nick Wammes and Sarah Orban are thoroughly social cyclists

Canadian cyclists Sarah Orban and Nick Wammes take social media to extraordinary lengths to give their followers unusual access to their sport.

Thoroughly Social Cyclists, Nick Wammes and Sarah Orban

Nick Wammes and Sarah Orban, track Cyclists on the Canadian National Team, are doing their best to win their sport more love. The pair are partners on and off the track, and they lean hard into social media, to draw attention to their discipline for those 206 weeks of every 4 year cycle when their sport is not enjoying Olympic audiences.

Player's Own Voice podcast: Celebrating with hockey trailblazer Luke Prokop

Luke Prokop was only 19 years old when he made pro sports history. A year after the Nashville Predators picked him in the 2020 NHL draft, Prokop told his team, his sport, and the wider world that he was gay. He is the first player under NHL contract to do so.

Out and About with Luke Prokop

Luke Prokop was only 19 years old when he made pro sports history. A year after the Nashville Predators drafted him, Prokop told his team, his sport, and the wider world that he was gay. He is the first player under NHL contract to do so. He has now bumped up to playing plenty of AHL games, making him the first out gay player at that level, one step away from the top team.

Player's Own Voice podcast: Laurence St-Germain's win for the ages

Slalom world champion Laurence St-Germain discusses her sport, her studies, her team, her community, and her international competition. The skier from St. Ferréol-les-Neiges, Que., is on a roll.

Laurence St-Germain's win for the ages

Laurence St-Germain just delivered a fantastic wake up call to the world’s best skiers. She won the slalom gold medal at the 2023 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships in Courchevel France. The great Mikaela Shiffrin was both startled and delighted to see the friendly Canadian win her first podium on an international circuit.

Player's Own Voice podcast: American great Hilary Knight helps launch a league

Hilary Knight, world and Olympic champion, captain of Team USA, discusses the historic creation and looming debut of the Professional Women's Hockey League.

Hilary Knight launches a league

Anastasia’s long-running passion project returns with Hilary Knight, captain of the US national hockey team, world and olympic champion, the face of the American women’s game, and from a Canadian perspective, public frenemy #1. Knight dekes around all the old Can-Am rivalries talk and focusses instead on the game-changing debut of the PWHL.

Player's Own Voice podcast: Boston Celtics great Robert Parish in quiet control

CBC Sports' Player's Own Voice podcast chats with the record smashing NBA centre. The big man was as famous for his stoic silence as he was for his enduring efficiency.

Player's Own Voice podcast: Para swimmer Tammy Cunnington shares life lessons

Tammy Cunnington, with a multi-sport career as a Para athlete, ended up best known for her late-blooming swimming career in the Paralympics.

Player's Own Voice podcast: Justina Di Stasio in a class of her own

Justina Di Stasio whose Olympic dreams have so far been thwarted by the sole Canadian roster spot going to teammate Erica Wiebe- continues to excel at international tournaments- and continues to believe her Olympic moment awaits

Player's Own Voice podcast: One of world's top wheelchair rugby players also champions accessibility

Wheelchair rugby national team veteran Zak Madell blends competitive nature, creativity, architectural technology study, and deep passion for accessibility. Madell's formula wins hearts and minds on and off the field of play.

Player's Own Voice podcast: Wheelchair basketball team leader Tara Llanes on safe sport then and now

Wheelchair basketball national team co-captain Tara Llanes talks about inclusion, opportunity, and figuring out how to practice safe sport on a team of teenagers and veteran athletes alike.

Player's Own Voice podcast: Chuck Swirsky's Raptors revisited

CBC Sports' Player's Own Voice podcast chats with Chuck Swirsky, who called the first 10 years of the Toronto Raptors' history, and has kept a close eye on the team ever since.

Player's Own Voice podcast: Former CFL pro Konrad Wasiela tackles esports career

CBC Sports' Player's Own Voice podcast chats with Konrad Wasiela, CFL cornerback who has transitioned to running esports business.

Player's Own Voice podcast: Waneek Horn-Miller, Canada's ultimate coach

CBC Sports' Player's Own Voice podcast chats with Waneek Horn-Miller, activist, athlete, advocate for Indigenous sport, and now a coach on the CBC program, Canada's Ultimate Challenge.

Player's Own Voice podcast: Hammer thrower Camryn Rogers no stranger to breaking records

CBC Sports' Player's Own Voice podcast chats with the record-smashing hammer thrower Camryn Rogers about her game plan for the next 11 years.