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Vivian Rashotte is a digital producer, writer and photographer for Q with Tom Power. She's also a visual artist. You can reach her at

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'We were crucified': Kyle MacLachlan reflects on 1984 Dune

With the release of his new series, Fallout, the actor joins Q’s Tom Power to look back on his career, including his starring role as Paul Atreides in David Lynch’s adaptation of Dune.
Q with Tom Power

The story behind the 'dun-dun' sound on Law & Order

The multi-Grammy-winning composer Mike Post has written some of the most recognizable TV theme songs of all time. He talks to Q’s Tom Power about the sound that he says will be on his tombstone.
Q with Tom Power

'Politeness constrains us': Massey lecturer Ian Williams on developing our own opinions amid cancel culture

The award-winning Canadian writer and professor has been named this year’s Massey lecturer. He sits down with Q’s Tom Power to tell us why he’s chosen the topic of conversations for his cross-country lecture series.
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For Música's Rudy Mancuso, living with synesthesia is both a blessing and a curse

The musician and actor joins Q guest host Talia Schlanger to discuss his debut feature film, Música, which gives audiences a glimpse into his real-life experience with synesthesia.
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What the zany soap opera Passions taught Mary Elizabeth Winstead about acting

In a Q interview, the Ahsoka and Scott Pilgrim star recalls landing her first big job on Passions in 1999 — and why she left after only a year.
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'I went to hell and came back from it': Shakira on the strength and resilience behind her new album

The Colombian superstar sits down with Q’s Tom Power to discuss her first new album in seven years, Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran, which documents her tumultuous breakup with her ex-partner and the father of her two children.
Q with Tom Power

How Katy O'Brian went from bodybuilding to starring alongside Kristen Stewart in a queer erotic thriller

The new film Love Lies Bleeding has been called “an erotic thriller on steroids.” The actor chats with Q guest host Talia Schlanger about the film and what made her perfect for the role.
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Sheryl Crow says AI is crushing the spirit of music

In an interview with Q’s Tom Power, the nine-time Grammy Award winner discusses her new album, Evolution, and why she thinks art and music must come from humans instead of machines.
Q with Tom Power

Nelly Furtado looks back on her journey from underground teen artist to international superstar

Canada’s own Nelly Furtado has always charted her own path in music. Ahead of hosting the 53rd annual Juno Awards this weekend, she sits down with Q’s Tom Power for a career-spanning conversation.
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Bill T. Jones on his groundbreaking work with the late Keith Haring

The renowned dancer and choreographer sits down with Q’s Tom Power to discuss his collaborations with Keith Haring, as well as the power of movement to reflect and question the world we live in.