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Yasmine Hassan is a producer filing stories on the Middle East for CBC's Parliamentary Bureau in Ottawa. She has worked for the national broadcaster in Toronto, London, Montreal and New Brunswick. Her work previously appeared in VICE and Al Jazeera. If you have a story idea, send news tips in English or Arabic to yasmine.hassan@cbc.ca.

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Decades after Nakba, Palestinians say current war like catastrophe 'all over again'

Palestinians on Wednesday commemorated the 76th anniversary of the Nakba, or "catastrophe," drawing similarities between the mass wartime displacement of 1948 with the "misery" hundreds of thousands of families in Gaza have experienced during latest conflict with Israel.

Palestinians seeking passage to Canada fight despair as Rafah campaign closes off their exit

Nearly 200 Palestinians have managed to escape Gaza and obtain approval to travel to Canada — but they had to pay thousands of dollars to smuggle themselves into Egypt. That avenue is now closed off, due to the military campaign Israel launched in Rafah this week.

Periods are a nightmare in Gaza's crowded, unsanitary camps. Women are using birth control to skip them

Samah El-Nazli, a mother of four living in a makeshift tent in Rafah, is among millions of Gazans in overcrowded camps struggling to access food, water and sanitation as the war continues. She and others are opting to use birth control to delay their periods rather than scrambling to find costly pads and tampons.

Nurse from Canada who worked at Gaza hospital under siege describes difficult decision to leave

Over the last several months, Ahmed Kouta — known largely on social media as Prince Kouta — has spoken to CBC News in interviews chronicling his time in Gaza.

Ex-foreign minister Peter MacKay decries 'ludicrous' bureaucratic hurdles for Palestinians trying to flee Gaza

Canadian citizens and permanent residents with family members trapped in Gaza met privately with Immigration Minister Marc Miller this week to press for changes to the special immigration program they say has so far failed them. 

Desperate to escape the war, Palestinians pay a private company thousands to leave Gaza

In the face of war, famine and homelessness, desperate Gazans are paying a private company in Cairo exorbitant “travel co-ordination fees” to help them escape into Egypt through the Rafah border. One international affairs expert says the system is war profiteering “at its worst.”

With little food, families in Gaza break Ramadan fast with what they can

Abu Mustafa Naji and his wife decided not to leave their home in Gaza even though it was bombed during the Israel-Hamas war. As Ramadan begins, they chose to break their fast on a table in the middle of what's left.

After living a 'horror movie' in Gaza for 160 days, Canadian brothers finally escape

The Kouta brothers from London., Ont., are among hundreds of Canadians who have fled Gaza since war broke out between Israel and Hamas on Oct. 7. The last step of their journey to escape the besieged enclave comes as Israel threatens a ground invasion of Rafah, a border city considered one of the last relatively safe areas of the strip.

Muslim groups say MPs won't be welcome in mosques until they call for Gaza ceasefire

With Ramadan just around the corner, national Muslim community groups say members of Parliament won't be welcome in their mosques unless they call for a ceasefire in Gaza, demand restoration of funding for the UN's Gaza aid agency and condemn what they call Israel's "war crimes."

Palestinians fled to Rafah looking for safety. Now, with a ground offensive looming, they feel trapped

Since the start of the war in Gaza, more than a million displaced Palestinians have ended up in Rafah along the southern border with Egypt. They’re now running out of options as Israel threatens to launch a ground offensive.