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Darren Major is a senior writer for CBC's Parliamentary Bureau. He can be reached via email at darren.major@cbc.ca.

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ICC's decision to seek warrants for both Israeli and Hamas leaders is 'troubling,' Trudeau says

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says it's "troubling" that arrest warrants are being simultaneously sought for Israeli and Hamas leaders at the International Criminal Court.

Feds reject Toronto's request to decriminalize simple possession of illicit drugs

The federal government has rejected a request from Toronto to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of illegal drugs for personal use within the city.

Minister suggests Canada is considering tariffs on Chinese EVs following U.S. move

Canada’s industry minister says Ottawa is “considering all measures” after the U.S. announced it would be hiking tariffs on Chinese electric vehicles and other related goods.

Poilievre calls for summer break from federal taxes on fuel

Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre says the federal government should give Canadians a summer tax holiday from federal fuel charges.

Are Tim Hortons' new lids 'woke'? One Conservative MP thinks so

Conservative MP Lianne Rood says she has no time for Tims after the fast food chain began testing new fibre lids in certain locations.

MPs vote unanimously in support of designating Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps a terrorist group

The House of Commons has voted unanimously in support of a motion to add Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps to an official list of terrorist organizations.

Ottawa approves B.C.'s request to recriminalize use of illicit drugs in public spaces

Minister of Addictions and Mental Health Ya'ara Saks said Tuesday the federal government has approved the B.C. government’s request to recriminalize the use of illicit drugs in public spaces.

CRA reversed $246M in pandemic benefit debts after thousands contested eligibility status

The government has had to cancel at least $246 million in debts for thousands of Canadians it initially claimed had received pandemic benefits for which they weren’t eligible.

Singh says NDP will support budget, won't say what guarantees he received from Liberals

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh says he will support the Liberals’ most recent budget, after weeks of being coy about how his party would vote.

Liberals accuse Poilievre of planning to override charter rights with notwithstanding clause

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is accusing Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre of seeking to override constitutional rights following comments he made to the Canadian Police Association on Monday.