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Lane Harrison is a journalist with CBC Toronto. Born and raised in Toronto, he previously worked for CBC New Brunswick in Saint John. You can reach him at

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Hundreds of rental units up for demolition vote Tuesday

About 240 rental units in Toronto could move one step closer to being torn down for new developments Tuesday, causing their tenants to be victims of a demoviction in the process.

U of T convocation begins as pro-Palestinian encampment continues

At least two University of Toronto students made a visible show of support for Palestinians while crossing the stage at their convocation Monday, as the school's 2024 spring graduation ceremonies began amid the backdrop of a pro-Palestinian encampment steps away from Convocation Hall.

3-month-old, grandparents visiting from India killed in 401 crash: SIU

The province's Special Investigations Unit has released more information about the fatal crash on Highway 401 that killed four people on Monday, including a three-month-old boy. 

'Someone is going to get hurt,' says OPP officer minutes before fatal 401 crash

Police radio audio reveals officers had identified a suspect vehicle with a licence plate at the time of the pursuit. Two policing experts who spoke to CBC News say the chase could have been called off after that identifying information was obtained.

Leafs return to Toronto for 1st home game of 2024 playoffs

As every Leaf fan knows, donning the blue and white to watch the buds go to battle is not for the faint of heart. But many in Toronto still do it anyway and will with excitement tonight.

Hidden waterways beneath Toronto could help transform its future

Across Toronto, a vast network of hidden waterways sprawls beneath the city's sidewalks, buildings and parks. It's a network some people would like to see brought back to the surface through a process called daylighting.

Walking tour to celebrate Toronto's first Black politician

A new walking tour this summer will celebrate the legacy of a man who literally changed the face of Toronto’s politics, Canada’s first elected politician who wasn’t white: William Peyton Hubbard. 

Scarborough Walk of Fame inducts new members

The Scarborough Walk of Fame is inducting new members to its group of honourees Wednesday, including two young people who have worked to empower and inspire youth in their community.

Toronto homicides up slightly in 2024 but don't indicate a trend, say experts

As the first quarter of 2024 comes to a close, the number of homicides in Toronto is slightly higher than it was at this time last year. But experts say the short-term data shouldn't be used to draw conclusions about long-term trends.

Toronto swaps sand for cobblestones at popular Humber Bay beach. Locals are not happy

As the city works to protect a popular west end beach from the forces of nature, some residents say they're making a local gem worse in the process.