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Sarah Antle is a journalist working with CBC in the St. John's bureau.

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Bullied but not broken: How this woman survived years of torment

Kelsey Clarke looked like any other kid. She liked colouring and reading and hanging out with her friends. But when she went to school, Clarke faced a nightmare that, a decade later, she still hasn't woken up from.

Parents are giving up their jobs as hundreds remain stuck on daycare waitlists in N.L.

Hundreds of families in need of child care in Newfoundland and Labrador are on at least one waitlist, according to a Department of Education survey — and it's forcing some mothers to give up their beloved careers.

Cakey hands and happy hearts: How these immigrants are building a small baking empire

Paradise bakery CakeyHand is expanding its business into St. John's, with a new location on Stavanger Drive.

Andy Warhol or Marcus Gosse? Combining pop art and Mi'kmaw tradition

Mi'kmaw artist Marcus Gosse has been creating a collection of art called What If Andy Warhol Were Mi'kmaq? since 2009. He uses his pop art style to display images of traditional Indigenous art and culture.

Taking it all in slide: Concrete toboggan race draws hundreds of engineering students

Mechanical engineering students from across the country congregated in Clarenville for the 50th annual Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race on Saturday.

Year of the dragon, dance of the lion: N.L. Chinese Association rings in new year

The Chinese Association of Newfoundland and Labrador rang in the Chinese New Year with a whirlwind tour around St. John's, Mount Pearl, and Paradise over the weekend.
Reporter's Notebook

The grind of working multiple jobs is very real. I know, because I'm living it

When reporter Sarah Antle began work on a series about people working multiple jobs to survive, she could relate. She's known that way of living herself.

Got to get me lynx, b'y! The biggest this trapper has seen in 5 decades

Trapper Dan Stanford found the biggest lynx of his five-decade career this week — weighing in at what he estimates to be 45 pounds.
The Grind

We asked, you answered: Here's how Canadians are working to survive the cost of living crisis

CBC's recent series The Grind put work — particularly multiple jobholding — under the spotlight. When we invited readers to join the conversation, we received dozens of responses from across the country.

He saved her from a burning house. 34 years later, she got to say thank you

In July 1989, Deanna Smith woke up to flames in her best friend's house. Ed Harnum saved her life that night, but they had not seen each other in more than three decades.